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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What are you reading?

This is my blog and i hope you like it.

If you don;t that your problem not mine..

either way here we go.

previous to this i wrote two blogs

one was a silly tale that didnt go anywhere and the other... well lets just say that it was a bit of rant and although i stand by pretty much everything i said, i thought it best to take it down before anyone started crying..

so, whats my blog all about?

im going to use this blog to write about the sort of things that upset people, wind you up, get you frustrated and fling you netbook, jappad and what ever your reading this on, accross the room in disgust and outrage.

im not a racialist or sexualist or home-a-phobe or anything like that although there is one group of the human i just can abide...

ive made a name for them as yet but i will.

let me explain myself

the people i hate are those who are the type that are quite happy to stand there and tell you why YOUR views are wrong and why YOU should do things THEIR way.
the sort of guy who sits in the pub and tells you catagorically that he knows the answer to a quiz question and then wont back down when hes proved wrong.
the sort of person who makes a point of not paying their fair share of the bill.
the absolute a@$e who continually interupts you when you have something to say, who never ever listens to the other side of an argument.

this is not a racial thing or sexists because they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colours and smells. this is a human trait i deplore in some people.

you might be one of them

before we go any further i want to you know that i am fully aware of the hypocracy of me telling you that i hate people who tell others that they are wrong - but there are two subtle differences between them and me, the first is my appaling spelling but the main difference is that i dont want these people to change!

if they dissapeared forever who would i hate??? - you?!?!


anyway that my first proper blog. if anyone stubbles across it - bully for you well done.

if you liked it - WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

if you didnt like - Well done for getting to the end, thats a credit to you.

either way good luck and see you when ive got something more valid to say.


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