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Friday, 15 July 2011

How To Travel Faster Than The Speed Of Light

How to travel faster than the speed of light.

Scientists would have you know that it is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light.
The speed of light is the fastest thing there is – they howl.

But they are wrong.

Today I will demonstrate that it IS possible for something to move faster than the speed of light.
During this demonstration I will show you not only how it is theoretically possible, but how you too can build your very own “faster than light machine”.

                                                        "SAY WHAAAAAA....!"

I’m not joking.

This is real...

Step one: a little knowledge goes a long way.

Light travels at a speed of 670,616,629 miles per hour. It takes roughly 8 and a half minutes for the light from the Sun to reach our world.

That is fast. But I can go faster!

Come with me now on a journey to a strange world. A world called “The 3-D world!”

Imagine a wall.

Here is a wall that is one metre tall.

Now imagine a bird flying in the sky.

Here is a bird flying in the sky.

The bird flies over the wall and its shadow caste from the sun directly above it shows on the ground.
As the shadow meets the wall – it moves at a greater velocity.

If the bird is moving at the speed of light, the shadow on the ground also moves at the speed of light.
However when the bird reaches the wall, its shadow will appear to cover the distance at a faster rate than it did on the horizontal ground.

Although the bird is moving at light speed the shadow MUST cover the metre distance from the bottom of the wall to the top in less time – from the birds point of view the visible wall would only be a tenth of its actual size.

Therefore when the shadow reaches the wall its apparent speed is faster than the speed of light.
I have used the latest in drawing applications to help demonstrate this in picture from...

Here we see the sun shining its light onto an object. The object is moving at the speed of light. The object interrupts the flow of light and causes a shadow on the ground. The shadow is also moving at the speed of light.

As the object moves closer to the wall so too does the shadow. Again – at the speed of light.

Note that the shadow has crossed the horizontal line with a distance of X in a time of ... Y... as shown in the picture here.

The object has now moved to a position where its shadow meets the wall. The distance covered before took X seconds, let’s call it ten seconds for the sake of argument. At this point the shadow appears to move faster.

In the picture above, the shadow has moved across the face of the wall in only a fraction of the time it took to cross the same distance along the horizontal. It is at this point the object is moving at the speed of light and the shadow is moving FASTER than the speed of light as the shadow has crossed a distance in the vertical faster than it did along the horizontal – at the speed of light.
Once past the wall, the shadow returns to the ground and resumes its path at the same speed as the object.

You can try this experiment at home.

With a wall, object of your choice and a stop watch, you can time how quickly a shadow will move across the vertical against the same distance along a horizontal line.

If you object were to move at the speed of light, then your calculation will show that the shadow moved 
faster than the speed of light.

Today we have just proved science wrong.

Everything you know is nonsense.

Now carry on with your day as if nothing happened.


  1. I wish I could understand this, I feel like a total reject :(

  2. Sarah - I wish I understood it too. the application for shadows to travel up a wall is mute at best and will bring no help to the worlds problems. but you can be all smug and self satisfied when someone on tele says "you can't travel faster than light!" by chirping up with "shadows up a wall mate.. shadows up a wall." it works.

  3. This is rubbish: a shadow is total absence of light...
    Once the object passes the wall, there wouldn;t be any shadow left on the wall.

    utter rubbish!

  4. This is so so wrong. I hope you had fun typing this.

  5. problem#1. Light=Energy. If you are moving at the speed of light, you are energy, I have never seen energy cast a shadow.

    problem#2. The shadow is not actually moving faster, you just have a reference point closer to the bird and a change of relative direction (relative to the bird) which makes it appear faster, it will still be moving at the exact same speed of the bird.

    problem#3. I'm not certain you have any idea of what you're talking about.

  6. rrb - problem #4 i am a simpleton. it should be painfully obvious to anyone that i dont know what im talking about. thats not the point though.

    i will let you into a little secret . . . its just a bit of fun. stop taking life so serious.

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  8. I enjoyed this. Made me think :-)


    You are aware of what you are doing there, right? I don't need to point out the fallacy (which I initially did, but after reading your comment I realized I might have not met the correct tone :-D...)

    1. Don't about it my friend. I fully accept that I have no idea what I'm doing. The fact that I'm able to do anything on the web is an amazing feat.

      As long as somebody enjoys it for it is, that's my job done!


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