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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ready Salted Chipsticks

It is close to midnight as I write this post and I am quite the angry man.

The reason I am angry is thus:

I want to eat a packet of ready salted chipsticks.

The brand of ready salted chipsticks i wish to consume is not important, but I would prefer, given the choice, to eat the ready salted chipsticks made by Smiths (now owned by walkers).

Yes, that's right, for once I have actually performed some form of scientific research into a post.

That is because I really want a packet of Ready salted Chipsticks.

I know that they can be bought of the electronic equivalent of the back of a lorry in vast quantities suitable only for a family of elephants, but I want... ney! I HAVE THE RIGHT to walk into my local shop and buy a bloody packet of red flavour ready salted bloody chipsticks.

What the flipping heck am I talking about?

It must be the lack of salt. Sorry.

I'm on a diet this week.  have gone all week without bread in a bizarre attempt to loose a bit of belly flab.

It's not really worked.

All that has happened is that I have been very hungry and a lot of bread has gone all mouldy from not being eaten.

I miss toast.

But I also miss ready slated chipsticks.

I have taken to twitter and harassed walkers crisps.

I am yet to even receive a simple reply.

Screw you Walkers social media department.

It is now one minute past midnight. I have a long weekend ahead of me.

The only thing that would make it better would the thought of finishing this self imposed diet that hasn't really done anything and munch on a packet of ready salted chipsticks........


  1. Okay, I've done a little bit of research on this here interweb thing and it seems that Walkers did away with the ready salted, because it wasn't as popular as the dirty salt and vinegar. Direct your scorn at the public Mr H, who are not only responsible for they're demise but also sounded the death knell for treasures such as Woolworths, Rumbelows, Our Price and them little round pink bubble gums, that used to come with their own teeny tiny comic strips. Damn you general public, damn you to hell! :)

    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again (until somebody takes notice) the general public are not fit to be let out ..in....public. *huff* I dispare I really do.

  2. I am worried about this diet of yours Mr H it appears to be driving you mad. Now I am not entirely sure if it works or not but I think it might be the Catch 22 of diets. If you are mad then you are oblivious of your weight and are unlikely to start the diet because you are mad. But if you go on the diet you then go mad and because you are mad become oblivious of your weight.

    If I read in the national press of a strange man found in the middle of the night in a chipstick factory laughing hysterically and rolling about in chipsticks I will think of you.

    Hot toast, butter and peanut butter . . . . . . .YUM

    1. I thought you were one of the good guys Rob. Why would you taunt me so??!
      I'm having a Domino's pizza tonight. never had one before, don't know how I'm going to fit a review of my tea into the A-z but I will squeeze it in somewhere!

  3. Good luck with the diet Mr Bumferry! To honour your achievements, I shall eat a ready salted crisp sandwich with you in mind. I can take a photo for you if you want.

    1. Screw the diet. Lard butties all round!

  4. Well, you've done it! I've never had a Ready Salted Chipsticks and now I really WANT one!! Good luck with your diet.
    A to Z-ing to the end
    Peanut Butter and Whine

    1. Connie, just for you I am going to kickstart a resurgence of Ready Salted Chipsticks. The world needs them.

  5. I purchased 7 packs of Ready Salted Chipsticks today from my local Co-op. All the other Co-ops in my area has stopped having them so I assume I got the last in my town. I have been eating these for over 35 years and love them as much as ever. This was the final product that was not discontinued or ruined by "reduced" salt or "no preservatives". Why or why can't they just leave everything alone!!
    RIP Chipsticks
    RIP Peach Angel Delight
    RIP El Paso Burrito Cooking Sauce
    RIP Wilkingsons Onion Rings
    etc etc

  6. I think a petition need to be started to right this wrong us ready salted chipstick lover's need to be heard let's not just wait not and moan affirmative action needs to be taken So rise up my fellow lover's of the ready salted chipstick let your voice be heard

  7. I think a petition need to be started to right this wrong us ready salted chipstick lover's need to be heard let's not just wait not and moan affirmative action needs to be taken So rise up my fellow lover's of the ready salted chipstick let your voice be heard

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I completely agree. I think this sums up the state of the world today. A world in which supposedly sane rational individuals would choose the flavour of Smiths salt and vinegar over the far superior ready salted. I really despair at this world sometimes. Please restore some of my faith in this world and seriously reconsider your decision, Smiths. I beg you. Please.

  10. Ha ha I love this site. I wrote to Walkers telling that my hubby had to suck off all the vinegar so i could enjoy my chipsticks . We all need to write to Walkers this is not on for god's sake.

    1. Thanks for reading.
      Vinegar has no business being on crips... nasty stuff. It's ACID for goodness sake!!
      There's no new stuff on here as I have moved my mindless thoughts over to www.fitzsip.co.uk
      Next time in Stocky I might have view your carpets as well. :)


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