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Monday, 22 April 2013

Sinkingship Productions (uk)

This blog is brought to you by sinking ship productions.

It is – honest. Go and have a look at the copyright bit at the bottom that doesn’t actually mean anything in any legal sense.

Did you see it?

Well its there.

But what is sinkingship? Why is it? How? And um…which??

Sinkingship was born out a time spent working in a very wobbly tower block in the middle of Manchester where the real life version of the Bash street kids would wind me up drove me to spend a very specific amount of time either drunk or drinking.

Along the ride with me was my good friend Darren (who has recently stopped doing his blog mindwordsofdarren) as well as a very upsetting boy named Lee, “sometimes” Dan and of course everybody’s most hateful character – Dave.

There was also a girl involved for a bit but Dave scared her off.

Whilst at work many faces came and went. We never bothered to learn their real names and they were known by the following: Cornflake, the phantom Shit Smearer, Tits Maghee, Shit Shampoo, Lin-drew (twins who may or may not have being sharing coitus)Mrs T (the lung hacking cleaner who spent more time smoking than actually cleaning) and Les – more on HIM later..

We also had a manager of the contact centre who was deaf. It was quite a call when a complaining customer asked to speak to a manager and the reply from ourselves was “Sorry, he can’t speak to you - he is deaf!”

Make of that what you will.

Before we went completely insane we took up drinking. This lead to many late discussions about Nigel Havers and “that guy who played Jacko in Brushstrokes” and how much we all hated Dave.
Before too long video were made, including the much missed DVDVIDEOCHRISTMASMOVIEFILM and OUR TRIP TO NORWAY.

This lead to a youtube channel which still exists and from that – this here little blog.

It’s not to everyones taste, but neither is Spam or Nutella.

I Don’t really know where this is going……

Oh yes. Sinkingship exists because it didn’t do before. It also helps us to vent our frustrations against Dave, who really is a massive expletive.

You can follow us on that Facebook thing, or Twitter (which is me on twitter - I'm currently drumming up support to get @Walkerscrisps to reply to me - but they keep ignore me)

If you find you have nothing to do, or don’t really like someone and don’t know how to tell them, just share one of our videos from youtube (link near the bottom)

Here is a sample of some of our better ones. Darren is the better one I am the one who does voices...

Agatha Christie's Robocop!

Thora Hird Does Alan Bennett.

There is a lot more upsetting and poorly made videos available here. But I wouldn't recommend you look at any of them.



  1. Ooooooooo you are a one Mr H, but I like you.

    I will be sharing Dame Thora on FB tonight for the amusement of the masses (Well me old pirate mate HAR HAR HAR) . . . .

    Its been a while since I have been on twitter, but there are only so many hours in a day (24 I think)

    1. Thanks Rob. It's all about the sharing. I did that one when I still living in the caravan. I went very strange, laughing at myself with nobody else around. hahahahahaha


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