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Monday, 27 June 2011

How To Enjoy Summer The Bumferry Hogart Way.

Its the weekend of Glasonbury.
This where the summer starts and by this weekends weather – it really has.
I haven’t sweated this much since the police caught me with all those batteries....
But never mind that.


Time of barbeques

Everyone loves the summer. Even us hayfever sufferers. Now im fully drugged up my eyes aren’t streaming and i don’t sneeze like a cartoon character anymore!
Why not take advantage of this wonderful weather by taking a short weekend breaks at the beach and enjoy the views of people surfing and riding the waves!....

While you’re there why not go topless have a work out and get "pumped"..

Who knows, you may even meet someone and fall instantly in love...

... or maybe not.

Its the ideal time to take those family pictures. Future memories of happier times...

Either way. Have fun because as we all know – this glorious sunshine wont last forever – so while we do have it, enjoy.

Now log off, go outside and get some fresh air.


  1. So it's sunny in England? Scotland is such a joke of a country. :(

  2. @sarah i do think God has fallen out with Scotland this year. at least you have "jolly" Andrew Murray hitting balls over a rope to keep your chins up at the tennis games.


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