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Friday, 24 June 2011

All of your Moon are belong to us

In 2001 NASA investigators bravely stopped some dust that came from the moon being sold in an auction in St. Louis.
I know that sounds like the plot to really bad made for TV film that you would expect to see on channel 5 or even worse movies 4 men but it actually happened.
According to the BBC news website “it is illegal to possess moon dust or moon rocks in the USA”.

How massively arrogant of them.
Just because they stuck a flag in the moon over 40 years ago, does not by any means allow them to say it is illegal to possess a rock? Although that didn’t stop the state of California from registering the area where the Apollo mission landed part of their very own historical resource.

ABOVE - normal everyday dust. BELOW - special criminal moon dust.

What if a chunk of the moon fell to the Earth after a collision with an asteroid?
15 years in the slammer. Probably.
The moon does not belong to America.
It belongs to the Clangers!
Now back off Armstrong or the soup dragon will have your hand off!

soup dragon - ruler of the moon.


  1. What's wrong with movies for men? I'll have you know that I watched a very educational film on that channel just yesterday - 'sexual exploration'. Fascinating really.

  2. i think i've seen that one. is that the one where a man and a lady woman kiss each other on the mouths and keep their eye closed?... DISGUSTING!!!!!


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