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The following are some of the Blogs I read the most.

They each deserve your attention and time as they offer a varied and creative view of the world.

This diary is possible the most insane thing I have ever read. Soon to be made into a film by all accounts...

Addman is a genius. I know this to be true because he is able to write about things I want to write about but manages to it before I can get around to it and does with bigger and better words and even full sentences that I could only ddream of using. - A must.

If you love reading blogs about decorating cupcakes and the really cute things children say added with fun photos of pressed daisies then THIS is the blog for you!! ohnosorry... i mean DO NOT READ THIS BLOG. THIS WOMAN IS PURE BLOODY FILTH.  damned funny and original! the best blog I know of!

Quite a new one for me. the speed at which these well drawn and clever posts are put online makes me wonder if this guy can see into the future! very clever and original stuff.

This will be updated as and when - so keep your eyes peeled.
If your blog isn't on here its only because you haven't posted anything for while and so i can't find a link. not my fault - blame firefox or google or whoever is in charge around here...


  1. Hey cheers for the shout-out, glad you appreciate the blog :)

  2. I never have said thanks for putting me here Mr H it just goes to show all us bloggers are **** ***** ********* ***** with knobs on or something like that. As the old saying goes never look a catfish in the eye in the bath.


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