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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

That Bigoted Woman is at it again!!!!


Nick Clegg, bass player in the band Coalition Government, was today in Rochdale at Holroyds factory to speak to the woman who played THAT BIGOTED WOMAN in the film the Downfall of Gordon Brown.

In preperation for her new movie "I cant just leave it be - a bigoted womans story of being bigoted and doing nothing to help the shitty reputation of Rochalde" (working title) Mrs Bigoted stood in a doorway at the factory i had a piss outside of once and asked Nick Clegg what he thought he was doing?

Quite rightly Nick Clegg flipped her the bird and said "eff off you working class busy body, just stand over there and drop dead - you BIGOT!" to a round of applause.
there is a video of it somewhere on the internet and you can here the hoardes of Rochdalians outside saying "get out here. we dont want your sort come to our town, with your jobs and prospects"

on man who brought his walking stick just incase anyone from the benefits office might be watching said "fucking blacks and poles and that, come here and being different and shit (spits on floor) its fucking wrong and that." because he was mental.

which for those who dont know, sums up the town I was born in.

Nick, as he is known to people who know him, was said to have come to the factory to "have a look around" for some reason, when in fact the real reason I suspect is because Nick Clagg is a fan of this blog and is doing research for his new book "places Bumferry did a piss while walking home drunk from the pub: 1998-2003" for which i have no doubt i wont recieve a siblge penny in royalties.

typical Liberal Democrats.

that is all for now.

carry on.

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