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Saturday, 7 May 2011

1 minute 45 Seconds that will change your life.. (or not)

Bono has the nerve to tell you that each time he clicks his fingers a small kiddie dies.
I would never be so callous as to demonstrate my life stealing powers like that.
Instead i will ask you a simple question.

What can you do in 1 minute and 45 seconds?

Hold your breath?

Boil a kettle?

Chase a dwarf round the kitchen before he scampers under the skirting board (I'll catch that little bugger one day)

Well now there is another thing you can do.

Thanks to the unique way in which The Bumferry Hogart Charitable Fund is funded and in association with Sinking Ship Productions we are proud to promote one of our “golden oldies” via the medium of You tube.

This video made by one of our team has been floating round the internet for some time and to date has not had the exposure it truly deserves.

What else are you going to do today?

I bet it’s not giving money to charity to save kiddies in Africa or cash for puppies with aids or carry on searching for Maddie McCann.

So why not watch this little video instead and make a difference to somebody’s life.

If you feel so inclined you could tell your friends and make their lives a little merrier.

Enjoy the adventures of....


you can word the creator at his blog here( tell him bumferry sent you): themindwordsofdarren.blogspot.com

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  1. Aw, cheers love. Plugs galore.

    Bono is a fucker mind. Someone should cut his thumbs off.


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