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Monday, 1 August 2011

998 Words To Bring Both Me And You Upto Speed.

I’ve not really had the chance to blog anything this past week due to Mrs Hogart staying in the caravan for a week to help with the celebrations of our sites 4th birthday.

But she’s gone back home now and my 7 day conjugal visit is over.

Normality can resume.

In the week I’ve been away the world seems to have gone tits up.

Mass murders in Norway, phone hacking scandals, pop star deaths and America runs out of money.

Let’s sort it out...

Phone hacking:
"I hope this doesn't appear on bumferry.blogspot.com"

I think this story broke first. I can’t be bothered to check. Facts only get in the way of a good rant.
Rupert Murdock, who used to be in the A-Team, was asked some questions by a bunch of politicians about what he knew in respect of his staff listening in to mobile phone messages of other people and ended up having a pie thrown in his face by a sweaty fat bloke called Jonnie Marbles.

Mr Marbles is supposed to be some kind of comedian and used the event to highlight his own tiny career. I don’t think it worked very well.

..All of them hateful retorts.
The news reporters at the time all jumped to the defence of Murdock saying that it was a terrible thing to do to an old man. And the public were banned from the rest of the hearings.

Murdoch was given a reprieve in the eyes of the media and the whole thing was a bit of a shambles.
Thus showing that there is a time and place for democracy and this wasn’t it – according to those in charge.

The Death of Amy Whinehouse:

"i wanna be just like you when I'm 97"
Whinehouse sang a couple of songs and took an awful lot of drugs. She also had a lot of tattoos and married a druggie and took some more drugs and then died.

When news broke about her death, the general public was seen to be crying and laying flowers with little cards saying how much they loved her and how the world will not be the same etc etc.

I am utterly amazed at how people over react to the death of someone they saw once on TV. When a face that is slightly familiar will no longer be on the same planet people turn to mush and the crocodile tears fall as if they’ve just been told their winning lottery ticket is two days out of date. The sorrow, fear and anguish is just too much for me to bear.

Amy Whinehouse didn’t give a toss about anyone but herself. If you didn’t have a new needle in your hand she wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. She was so far of the mark of being any kind of good role model you couldn’t make it up.

Once again the general public shows itself up to be a complete fucking idiot willing to jump on any bandwagon that rolls through town.

She is dead. Get over it. And her songs were shit.


Having been to Oslo on what can only be described as – a shit holiday – I’m not surprised that somebody went totally nuts and decided to have a day of rampaging and murder. Nothing has happened in Norway for a thousand years.

Not since a man’s hat blew off in a strong gust of wind has there been anything newsworthy of any kind. Unless we include that dwarf bouncing a ball off his crutches, but I’ve talked enough about that previously.

1980's Baddie of the week?
The press jumped on the terrorist bandwagon before any facts came to light and started blaming Muslims before quickly retracting all of their experts and “facts” when it became clear that it wasn’t a religious extremist but was in fact a ... erm... religious extremist.

This Anders Behring Breivik bloke is not being called a terrorist or religious fanatic. I find this to be quite strange. There should be no difference between this idiot and the other idiots apart from the colour of his skin and the god he prays to.

When the man has claimed the death of nearly one hundred innocent people in the name of his god, and with the sole purpose of having the opportunity to highlight his own views on religion – that is by definition a religious nutter.

Am I wrong?

All in all the guy is well out of order and looks like a fruit cake.

Norway has a policy of open court meaning that everyone can have their say in a free and open democracy – can you see where I might be going with this one??

USA money trouble:
"i wish Bumferry Hogart would write something soon.."

This piece of scary news passed me by and I only found out by accident. The story goes that America, like much of the world’s governments, has been spending more money than it collects and things have got so bad that economists had calculated that by the 2nd of august there would be no money left AT ALL!

That is a crazy concept to get your head around.

So the politicians in the US are banging their heads together and arguing over who has the bigger rifle or fattest kid or something in a piss weak attempt to sort out the mess.

As of writing this The democrats(Obama) and republicans (the red necks and Hicks) are “close to agreeing” on suitable reforms, however if they don’t then the United states of America will run out of money and won't be able to pay way.

Fight you B@stards!
This dire event will spread across to us here in the UK and across the world causing massive drops in financial markets and resulting in a Mad Max style world where Tine Turner runs a gladiator style barter town.

We narrowly missed that outcome once. To miss it again would be a miracle. This sort of thing must never be allowed to happen.

America is a democracy.

And so my poorly researched rant about how free will is the ultimate threat to mankind reaches its zenith.

Good luck everyone.

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  1. I also think it's pretty messed up that some people cry over the death of a 'celeb' like Amy Winehouse. It's not as though anyone really cared about her when she was alive anyway!


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