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Sunday, 9 October 2011

A thank you, A sorry And A Video

Today I would like to thank someone and apologise to an entire nation.

First the apology.

Dearest Russia. I am very sorry for whatever I did wrong. Please do not send your government officials to my caravan to do horrible things to me. I have seen Spooks and The Hunt For Red October so I know you guys mean business and can honestly say whatever it is you think I know – I don’t. Thanks. And once again sorry.

"WHAAA... Somebody actually READS this thing?!?!?!"

Secondly I would like to thank http://theincoherentramblingsofasingleparent.blogspot.com/ for her gracious acknowledgement of my blog.

The three words used to describe my blog mean much more that the 764 words used by a certain law firm when threatening me with legal action!

Check out her blog when you have a minute folks. I guarantee you will like it.

Enough of this self congratulatory nonsense – Let’s get on with the show.

"Ah crap! Now I've got to put some effort into this thing!"

And so I guess there will be the odd personage who will now stumble upon this little messy corner of gibberish that is my blog and may want to know a little bit more about me and what I do.

The best way I can summarise this is using the old phrase of “a picture speaks a thousand words” but in my case its 998 words and instead of pictures I will submit this little video I made many years ago.
As well as this blog I also have a YOUTUBE channel with I share with my good buddy Darren.

Collectively we are known as Sinkingship productions, but we are NOT to be confused with the Canadian Sinkingship productions, because they are professional people with a proper website and everything, and I and Darren are just two blokes who used to shout JUSTICE at ugly people from the works car park.


Here is a poorly made video about my home town that i made waaaaay back in 2008. (I no longer live there).

 There are currently 40 videos on our channel for you to look at in horror and disgust. some funny, some shockingly awful. either way have a peep. (gosh, you ARE going to be busy today!)

Enjoy, or don’t. But watch it all the same.

Thanks for looking at these words and come back anytime.


PS- for those of you who read this blog regularly – normal grumpy service will resume soon, probably by Tuesday.

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