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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Invasion of The Massive Hariy Mutant Flying Fly.

Forget Halloween.
The word CRAZY just got serious around here....

There is a very VERY angry fly buzzing round the caravan this evening.

Its bouncing its little head off every wall, window and light fitting it can find.

I have no idea how it got in although I suspect the dog had something to do with it. He usually tries to eat anything that flies but he is ominously silent on the whole “what’s that zipping around. I think I should eat it” scenario.

Very suspicious behaviour indeed.

I have tried in vain to film this little bastard because I don’t think anyone would believe me if otherwise... so here is my best David Attenborough


ps-  The shaking at the end is because the cocky little bleeder landed on my hand and I got a little scared – ha-ha I’m such a coward!


  1. A Muntant Fly
    I'm Off

    A poem by Rob Z T

    Dont you just hate those fly by night blogs. Anyway I think it might be the baby wait till mum turns up

  2. I hate having them in the car, trying to drive while opening windows to get them to fly out. It's a hazard!

  3. Flies have an affinity for caravans, and once they manage to gain entry, they use them to spawn so rapidly they could repopulate the Earth. This is the real reason why the government set fire to Dale Farm.


  4. You will just have to move out.

  5. I hate it when flies land on me repeatedly in the exact same spot while I'm sleeping!

  6. They are so annoying. Or that one mosquito buzzing in your ear at night...damn.


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