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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

An Invitation To Have A Good Weekend.

Get your diaries out and jot this down my dearest readers, because next weekend(28th Jan) is officially Bumferry Day(*).

It will be a very special weekend for me because it will be the first day I have had off for over 4 months.

That includes Christmas day, because although I sneaked a lie in, I still had to check around the site and open the gates for the half dozen campers that were more miserable than me and had escaped the horrors of the festive period to sit in a metal box in the middle of a field.

But enough of them and Christmas (the shops won’t be advertising for at least another 3 weeks yet) the important thing to remember is that I don’t have to get up for any other reason than bladder control this very weekend!

Hmm.... I think I need to point out that there is nothing wrong with my bladder.

*get back to the point Bumferry....*

Me and Mrs H are travelling back to the big smoke known as Mad-chester for the weekend.
We are going to meet up with friends and family and drink like a couple of stupid teenagers and eat filthy fast food and stay up until dead late and cause havoc (we won’t cause havoc because we are both too old for that kind of nonsense)

While I’m off the reservation I want to invite you all to take part in your own way, by doing something you really want to do but never get the chance to, or because you  come up with a lame excuse to not bother.

Why don't ya come up 'n see me sometime?
Be it meeting up with friends or family or just sitting on the couch eating a massive bucket of deep fried chicken watching really naff 80’s brat pack movies whilst having a good old scratch. It doesn’t matter. Whatever blows up your skirt.

To coin an advertising slogan – Just do it!

For one day - be selfish. Don’t go to work, don’t bother getting dressed.

Or get all dolled up and go and out somewhere dead posh and pretend to be a famous film star.
Either way, just treat yourself.

Its MY weekend, but I want YOU to enjoy it as well.

Have a good one my friends – see you on the other side!!!!

If you can be bothered, why not comment below on what c-c-c-razy antics you will be upto to celebrate this most delicious of unofficial holidays. (or not, if you bloody miserable)

*not an officially recognised holiday. Days cannot be carried over. Any injuries or criminal records attained during Bumferry Day are of your own consequence and are not to be connected with Bumferry Hogart or its subsidiaries.  


  1. That guy's belly button in the first picture, is bigger than my head!

    In honor of Bumferry Day, I intend to stuff myself with all manner of junk. Watch copious amounts of trash TV and dance naked in my living room...oh...are we supposed to do something that we usually DON'T do? My bad.

    Have a great weekend Bumferry Hogart! :)

  2. I've always wanted to shrink myself to size of a flea, then ride a dune buggy around someone's belly button. Can I do that on Bumferry day?

    No outies.

  3. I might save my Mr H day for a bit later in the year once the sun enters mu feet. However We plant to go to Big Bill's Greasy Fur Ball Café tonight and eat decadent unhealthy food and have a good time. Have a good time yourself in Mad Chester. That new designer blue life-jacket might work but I feel it is technically flawed as the person wearing the white one just out of shot appears to be demonstrating.

  4. I will be so busy decorating my flat all day today in preparation for Bumferry Day which is, omg, tomorrow??! I better get a move on it! This year will be so special because it will be my daughter's very first Bumferry Day. I can't wait to see the expression of joy on her little face when she comes downstairs to find the living room filled with all the crap that was lying around on the floor from the night before because I was too darn lazy to pick it up before I finally collapsed into bed. We have this tradition every Bumferry Eve where I am too tired to cook and terribly lonely because my husband works until all hours of the night, and we all (me and her) pile in the car and drive up the block to a completely indistinguishable fast food joint where we eat, staring blankly at each other amid a sea of strangers and their screaming, uncontrollable children. It brings a sense of joy and peace to my inner soul. Wishing you and yours a very merry Bumferry Day!


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