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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Ten Pound Challenge

At the end of May this year, my friend Ste agreed to a friendly betting challenge.

With the football season done and dusted I offered Ste the chance to make some money.

Between us we would place exactly £10 of bets on any sporting event of our choice.

It could be 10 lots of £1 bets, one big £10 bet or any other combination just as long as £10 was spent between the 1st and 30th of June.

Ste, for all his worth, is not very good at spreadsheets and this makes him just a little bit LESS sexy to women than me (no, I don't believe that either) but the results are now in and I can confirm that Ste, having spent £10 of his own hard earned cash has made a total return of.....we'll get to that in a bit.

I (being dead sexy and able to use more technology that an i-phone with a broken screen - seriously Ste sort that out mate!) have created a proper spreadsheet for you good folks to mull over.

Here it is:

You will see that there is a lot of red on this sheet. That means the bet was lost.
Grey boxes are refunded bets (no winnings but the money was used again for another bet) and GREEN boxes are for those bets that actually won!

The yellow box on the top right side is my percentage of returns. anything over 100% would have been a profit.

june bet comp with ste£10.00£0.00£8.3784%
starting balance 16.95total spentleft to spend
datebetstakeoddspot winact winbet profittotal profit
01/06/2015sharapova to win£0.224/11£0.30£0.00-£0.22-£0.22
01/06/2015federer to win£0.224/11£0.30£0.30£0.08-£0.14
02/06/2015federer to win£0.274/9£0.39£0.00-£0.27-£0.41
03/06/2015cobh wanderers (inplay)£0.274/9£0.38£0.38£0.11-£0.30
04/06/2015Fremad Vably (in play)£0.201/2£0.30£0.00-£0.20-£0.50
05/06/2015murray to beat djokovic£0.089/2£0.44£0.00-£0.08-£0.58
06/06/2015messi to hit the post£0.0813/2£0.60£0.00-£0.08-£0.66
06/06/2015golden horn e/w£0.166/4£0.31£0.31£0.15-£0.51
06/06/2015under 50pts£0.214/7£0.33£0.21£0.00-£0.51
06/06/2015under 40 pts£0.1013/10£0.23£0.00-£0.10-£0.61
06/06/2015over 8 corners£0.102/5£0.14£0.14£0.04-£0.57
07/06/2015warinka to win (in play)£0.305/6£0.55£0.55£0.45-£0.12
08/06/2015montenegro win (in play)£0.2210/11£0.42£0.00-£0.22-£0.34
08/06/2015sweeden ladies (-1) (inplay)£0.205/4£0.45£0.00-£0.20-£0.54
09/06/2015France v Eng ladies (+2.5gls)£0.07evens£0.14£0.00-£0.07-£0.61
09/06/2015Last goal +73 (france v Eng)£0.1110/11£0.21£0.00-£0.11-£0.72
09/06/2015spain ladies +2.5 goals£0.224/11£0.30£0.00-£0.22-£0.94
09/06/2015spain ladies win both halves£0.106/5£0.22£0.00-£0.10-£1.04
13/06/2015sco V roi - +9 crns, -50pts£0.103/1£0.40£0.40£0.30-£0.74
13/06/2015sco V roi both teams score£0.105/4£0.22£0.22£0.12-£0.62
13/06/2015sco V roi over 1.5goals£0.144/7£0.22£0.22£0.08-£0.54
13/06/2015sco V roi over 2.5 goals£0.127/4£0.33£0.00-£0.12-£0.66
14/06/2015Slo v Eng over 9 crns£0.158/15£0.23£0.00-£0.15-£0.81
14/06/2015Slo v Eng over 11 crns£0.1013/10£0.23£0.00-£0.10-£0.91
14/06/2015Slo v Eng Over 30 pts£0.138/13£0.21£0.00-£0.13-£1.04
14/06/2015Slo v Eng Eng score 2+ goals£0.15evens£0.30£0.30£0.15-£0.89
14/06/2015Slo v Eng Eng win ht/ft£0.138/13£0.21£0.21£0.08-£0.81
16/06/2015sole power (ew)£0.2011/4£0.54£0.00-£0.20-£1.01
16/06/2015shamal wind (ew)£0.2013/2£1.01£0.00-£0.20-£1.21
16/06/2015clondor warrior£0.207/1£1.07£1.07£0.87-£0.34
16/06/2015hurricane higgins£0.2020/1£2.70£0.00-£0.20-£0.54
17/06/2015Ivawood (ew)£0.147/4£0.29£0.00-£0.14-£0.68
17/06/2015cry me a river (ew)£0.1412/1£1.19£0.00-£0.14-£0.82
17/06/2015acapulco (ew)£0.144/1£0.49£0.49£0.35-£0.47
17/06/2015free eagle (ew)£0.143/1£0.40£0.40£0.26-£0.21
17/06/2015temptress (ew)£0.1410/1£1.02£0.25£0.11-£0.10
17/06/2015aayar (ew)£0.1410/1£1.02£0.00-£0.14-£0.24
17/06/2015spark plug (ew)£0.1412/1£1.19£0.00-£0.14-£0.38
17/06/2015always smile (ew)£0.149/4£0.34£0.11-£0.03-£0.41
17/06/2015sir issac newton (ew)£0.149/1£0.93£0.00-£0.14-£0.55
18/06/2015king of rocks (ew)£0.1410/11£0.22£0.09-£0.05-£0.60
18/06/2015Bocca Baciata (ew)£0.1411/2£0.62£0.00-£0.14-£0.74
18/06/2015pleascach (ew)£0.148/11£0.20£0.09-£0.05-£0.79
18/06/2015Forgotton Rules (ew)£0.145/2£0.36£0.11-£0.03-£0.82
18/06/2015Azraff (ew)£0.0025/1£2.33£0.00£0.00-£0.82refunded non runner
18/06/2015Bartell (ew)£0.1425/1£2.33£0.00-£0.14-£0.96
18/06/2015Potage (ew)£0.1410/1£1.02£0.00-£0.14-£1.10
18/06/2015Capel Path (ew)£0.1410/1£1.02£0.00-£0.14-£1.24
18/06/2015Mutarakez (ew)£0.148/1£0.84£0.00-£0.14-£1.38
18/06/2015dissolution (ew)£0.142/1£0.32£0.00-£0.14-£1.52
18/06/2015space age (ew)£0.1411/1£1.10£1.10£0.96-£0.56
19/06/2015Laxfield Road (ew)£0.146/1£0.67£0.00-£0.14-£0.70
19/06/2015Ol man river (ew)£0.143/1£0.40£0.00-£0.14-£0.84
19/06/2015Hootenanny (ew)£0.1410/3£0.43£0.00-£0.14-£0.98
19/06/2015Lucida (ew)£0.147/2£0.45£0.13-£0.01-£0.99
19/06/2015iIgider (ew)£0.147/1£0.75£0.00-£0.14-£1.13
19/06/2015Bantry Bay (ew)£0.1411/4£0.38£0.00-£0.14-£1.27
20/06/2015Tonkinese (ew)£0.143/1£0.40£0.00-£0.14-£1.41
20/06/2015Mahsoob (ew)£0.147/4£0.29£0.29£0.15-£1.26
20/06/2015Telescope (ew)£0.1413/8£0.28£0.00-£0.14-£1.40
20/06/2015Due Diligence (ew)£0.146/1£0.67£0.00-£0.14-£1.54
20/06/2015Huntsman Close (ew)£0.0011/1£1.10£0.00£0.00-£1.54refunded horse bolted!
21/06/2015minsk/baranovichi/vendryne/sogndal/lyn/stromsgodset to win (acca)£0.05acca£0.19£0.00-£0.05-£1.59in play
22/06/2015bellarup + Nobbry (inplay)£0.07acca£0.40£0.00-£0.07-£1.66
22/06/2015viking rek + FRAM to win (inplay)£0.17acca£0.47£0.47£0.30-£1.36
22/06/2015eng v nor ladies - both teams to score£0.1011/10£0.21£0.21£0.11-£1.25
22/06/2015eng v now ladies - a goal in both halves£0.1011/10£0.21£0.00-£0.10-£1.35
30/06/2015renova v chisinua - over 2.5 goals£0.206/4£0.50£0.00£0.00-£1.35
variousJapan/USA/Germany ladies to all win£0.12acca£1.21£0.00-£0.12-£1.47
variouswexford youth/melbourne knights/corinthians/althetico belo/st patricks/dundalk to win£0.08acca£0.32£0.32£0.24-£1.23

As you can see, I didn't do all that well, making a loss of £1.23.

Ste has informed that he made a total return of £9.63.

However, not only has not created a spreadsheet, but Ste failed to spend the whole £10, meaning that he has actually only made £9.16.

I will leave it up to you, my readers, to decide if Ste should be declared the winner or if the whole damned thing should be forgotten.

Betting on things like the Womens World Cup (which has been fantastic to watch), the horse racing and the tennis has made me pay attention to sporting events I wouldn't normally watch, but it has been fun. The thrill of chasing a win is great and the loss of a small amount of cash is no big thing. (Mrs H takes 10 times that amount from my wallet on a regular basis) But remember - if you are going to gamble, only bet with money you are prepared to loose.


  1. So much red! It looks like a crime scene spread across your page.
    No matter how you slice it, Ste should definitely be declared the winner. Now I'm always one to give moral support and encouragement to my fellow human being, but you really are rubbish at this betting lark Mr H.

    1. I had good odds on you saying the exact opposite.... damn.

  2. Its late Mr H so I will return to respond tomorrow but I'm sure there is a bit in the bible about not spending all the money and turning it into 5000 loafs and a big fish. As for spending all the money well Greece did that and it has not worked out well.

    So all in all its a close call I will sleep on the thought and answer with something profound . . . . . sort of.

    1. In the interest of full disclosure I have NOT been smashing all my plates up and dancing in a line... That's a sure fire way of getting into debt.

      They're not cheap proper plates y'know.

    2. Ah I did say I would be back with profound words, only it sort of all went wrong, what with stuff to do and visitors and a distinct lack of profound thoughts. . . . . . . so I will try an instant Chinese saying from the dark reassessesessessses of my mind . . . . . . . . . .

      The Albatross flies around the world to return to the place it left, but the tortoise stays and eats the plants. . . . .


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