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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dwarves are not the only fruit

We are now well into the New Year. Everyone is back at work or signing on. The festive films have all finished as too have the selection boxes cheese and biscuits etc although there is a good chance you may half a Terry’s chocolate orange at the back of the fridge.

Go and have a look. I bet I’m right.

So now that everyone is finding themselves back to normal and getting used to having to deal with the absolute morons they work with, it is high time we got on with the show.

Having trawled my way through most of the pictures that the internet has to offer I discovered two such items that require your viewing.
These pictures will also form part of a little experiment I would like to try out you – my fellow human beings.

I’m no Derren Brown – or even Paul McKenna. But I have a theory that I will show you a picture and regardless of how liberal and well meaning you think you are, no matter how broad your sense of “we are all equal in gods eyes” or whatever...
Regardless of who you are and what you do for money the following picture will make you smile.

I guarantee it.


Here goes.... scroll down...


You have to admit that is one plucky little guy.
There's really is too much going on in that one little photograph to take in during one visit.

Okay – he's a dwarf.

But everything about him makes me smile. His hair, the little shorts (even for him), they way his legs are about to give way any...second....now...
The word hero is banded around all too often these days, but that little fella just there, is one true hero.


Then we move on our other photo.

This picture sets an altogether different tone.

And rather than make you smile will make you frown in bewilderment.
You will continue to frown more and more until it begins to hurt.


Take a look – and I mean a real look at what is going on here.


Yes there is a leathered up dwarf in little shorts (again) full of studs, with a handlebar moustache, flicking the bird to somebody off camera.
And may be a bit disturbing to some...



I can’t even begin to tell how disgusted I felt when I saw this. There is nothing about the lower half of that man on the left that should be allowed outside. Just look again.

Go on.

The horror.

Pure horror.

I’m sorry for showing that now.

In conclusion; what can we ascertain from these photographs?

In my humble opinion – not a lot apart from - Dwarfs are funny

And that is all I have to say about that....


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