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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Russell Grant v Reality

Holy Crap people-
We have been lied to.

This is very serious.

According to the BBC news website http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12207811
the honest and always right on the button astrologer has been getting wrong all this time.

And it’s not because astrology is complete guess work whereby any given part time journalist can write your destiny in a two sentence paragraph and it will DEFINATLY apply to everybody born within a month of your birthday. No
It because of TWO things.

Firstly this has all come about because some guy called Parke Kunkle (I haven’t made that up) claims the signs are not in the same place as they were 2000 years ago when the zodiac was first drawn up.

Well where are they Kunkle?

He explains that due to the wobble of the Earth and things shifting around a bit in space, the sun isn’t where it was and therefore the totally accurate scribbles of hundreds of potential soothsayers is nothing more than pure fiction. Possibly.
It has been reported in the press that zodiac signs may be wrong and people have been looking at the wrong sign and in fact may not be cancer but Aries or one of the other ones.

BBC NEWS reported that “those (people) with star sign tattoos – (are) expressing concern about the possibility that they might have spent years checking the wrong horoscope.”


But is that cruel of me?


There are plenty of people who truly believe in the words of somebody they will never meet who has no idea of their existence. This person writes a simple instruction about the next day or week and these people allow themselves to be guided by a simple dozen words or so.

For those of you do believe in horoscopes here is what your “true” sign would be...
New Zodiac?
• Capricorn: 20 Jan-16 Feb
• Aquarius: 16 Feb-11 March
• Pisces: 11 March-18 April
• Aries: 18 April-13 May
• Taurus: 13 May-21 June
• Gemini: 21 June-20 July
• Cancer: 20 July-10 Aug
• Leo: 10 Aug-16 Sep
• Virgo: 16 Sep-30 Oct
• Libra: 30 Oct-23 Nov
• Scorpio: 23 Nov-29 Nov
• Ophiuchus: 29 Nov-17 Dec
• Sagittarius: 17 Dec-20 Jan
• Days overlap as they do not run midnight to midnight
• Source: Live Science

But as you have probably noticed there is a 13th sign – Ophiuchus 29 Nov – 17 Dec. Why is that there?

Jonathan Cainer said this “I’m annoyed...”

And so he should be. He was born on the 18th of December and by one single day misses out on being able to be special and call himself an Ophiucus-ist or whatever it would be called.

Ironic really.

Russell grant on the other hand was born on the 5th of February and is nowhere near being an Ophiucus. Shame.

There are loads of other alleged psychics and future seers out there who prattle on about how to live your life like some kind world dictator or evil hypnotist and I for don’t believe them one jot.

And neither, it seems, does the government, as they have decreed that all these bullshi.. I mean psychics must state that the services they offer are for entertainment purposes only.

However, if they could prove they have real mental powers by predicting the lottery numbers – or just the bonus ball to give them a fighting chance, then I may be persuaded to have another look at the situation but as it stands I feel quite confident to call anyone who claims to be a psychic nothing more than a pure charlatan.
I would ask them to guess how many fingers I’m holding up – but we all know the answer to that one.

That is apart from Psychic Pamela from California USA, who emailed me yesterday to say that she would be grateful if I didn’t mention her in any derogatory way on this blog. Which is a bit odd as I hadn't started it until this afternoon.

Good Afternoon.

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