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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Janury 4th

4 days into the New Year and already those idiots who go by the name “the general public” are already moaning about stuff.

For the love of god!

For most people January the 4th was the first day back at work and you would have they would be grateful to have a job to go back to.

But if the vox pops on the news was anything to by you would think we were just a nation of moaning misers who are so full of self hatred and loathing of everything it’s a wonder we don’t just all jump of a bridge or swallow a load of pills, take a nice hot bath and wait for grim reaper to collect us.

No sooner had the snow melted to reveal the hard and solid and not at all ice covered paths that really REALLY hurt when you fall and bruise your arm and feel a right prat, had gone away then the ever imaginative great British public decide to stand gormlessly in front of a news camera and moan and whinge about VAT increases.
The pure idiocy of some people who allowed themselves to be filmed for the entire nation to laugh at had the nerve to stand there and claim to be saving money by buying lots of things.

One them said “I don’t actually need to buy anything, but I’d be stupid not to buy stuff before the rise. I hope to save around £50 today”

That means that pillock has to buy over £2000 on things he doesn’t actually need – but believes he’s making a saving.

I could save you £2000 right now buddy. DONT BUY ANYTHING YOU DONT NEED!
In fact I’m going to save everybody who reads this £500 right now
No questions asked.

Get ready

ME: Do you want to buy this broken thing I have that you have no use, space or need for? It only costs £500.

YOU: no thanks.

And there we go.

You saved £500!!

You lucky people.

I despair at this country sometimes.

But then are those people who have spent most of yesterday sitting at petrol stations waiting to fill up their cars in preparation for the price hike.

Fair enough its worth filling a tank of petrol if its needed, but some of these people drove around to find a petrol station that wasn’t queuing round the block thereby wasting fuel.

But even when they did settle for the station that only had a queue that was 6 miles long, they sat there with their engine ticking over – WASTING FUEL.
These are the people that could only have put £15 pounds in at best and used £25 worth of fuel dithering and being stupid.

Yet again though ITV news went mental and only just stopped short of claiming this to be the end of the world.

I absolutely hate ITV.

Pete Postlethwaite is better off where he is.

PS – my dog did a sloppy shit today and that about sums up the state of everything in the UK.

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