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Sunday, 30 January 2011

poetry and immortality

Check your watches because it’s February.
And the month of February is poetry month on bumferrys blog.
Poem number one-

“Look at him there. That man with no hair.”
“And his twin – next to him.”
“Ooh, what a pair!”

In other news:

The Bumferry Hogart Charitable Fund (or BHCF as all the cool kids call it) is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for all readers of this blog to become immortal!

That's right immortal.

In association with Sinkingship Productions the BHCF is looking for people to take part in its latest video.

The top secret “film” requires voice actors for a number of parts.

If you are interested in, please “friend” (hate that word) both Bumferry Hogart and Sinkingship Productions on Facebook and send a private message in no more than 100 words as to why you deserve to be in it.

The successful applicants will be sent a sample script before being given their full roles. Forever immortalised in a top notch production is every boy and girls dream come true. And it could be you!

Good luck and good afternoon.

Check out Sinkingship videos whenever your ready.

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