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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Frankie Boyle to do Porridge

Emergency blog.

Bloody hell. The wheels have completely fallen off the dump truck of sanity and the bile of stupidity has spilled all over the road of common sense.

Who’s going to clean it up? Is my question.

I am going to prison.

It must be true because according to the BBC and other news websites a young man of 19 made a single gesture while being filmed for a Crawley FC video they made in response to their upcoming match with Manchester United Ltd.

Whilst watching the video, which has since been edited by the makers, a small number of Manchester United Ltd fans complained. The police got involved the lad was arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of causing harassment, alarm or distress and has been bailed until 25 February pending further inquiries.

The gesture apparently references the Munich air disaster in 1958 when a plane full of Manchester United (not a limited company at that point) crashed on landing killing 28 of the passengers onboard, some of which were young, up and coming stars of the game. They were known as the Busby Babes.

By this logic Frankie Boyle is going down for a stretch for at least 100000000000 years for realising DVDs that contain “jokes” about Jade Goody, Madeline McCann and other terrible crimes against mad kind.

He is a bloody monster. Worse than a racist paedophile. In the eyes of Manchester United Ltd fans that is.

It’s a good job that Bernard Manning is already dead or else they would be hanging him in the morning.

I am not saying that this incident was not horrific or should be made light of, and to complain about a gesture made by somebody in the background is one thing – but to arrest them as well is taking things way too far.

Let’s remember that Manchester United Ltd fans are not the most hospitable or welcoming fans within the game of football.

They fight, swear at their own players, fight, spit and sing rude songs at visiting fans and fight.

Manchester United Ltd fans are famous for moaning, almost as much as Gary Neville (a onetime player for the team) and – this is the important bit – are DEFINATLY amongst the ENG-ER-LAND fans that love nothing more than chanting “two world wars and one world cup” whenever over home team plays against Germany.

If that is not incitement for racial hatred which demands a prison sentence, then I don’t know what is.

If we are no longer allowed to express ourselves in any manner without being hunted down for causing the slightest upset to anyone who may not like what we have done only to be ARRESTED by the police, then we might as well turn the internet off for good and sit with our arms crossed for all eternity and have a big old sulk.
Therefore if this young misguided young man of 19 is to be banned from the club his loves and is then sent down for a stretch. I demand that all England fans are sent to one of the colonies because it’s just not cricket.

It also means that if putting a video on you tube leads to someone crying because they like it then I will be sharing a cell with Ian Huntley and the ghost of Harold Shipman before you get a chance to read this blog.

If the Rozzers don’t raid my caravan in the middle of the night I will continue as I mean to go on.

Good afternoon.


  1. please note this is a revised blog entry based on the fact that the other had far too many swear words and references to sexual acts that are quite frankly impossible even if man utd fans did have an extra vertibre.

  2. How on earth does one make a gesture which unambiguously refers to an air crash that occurred more than 50 years ago? Couldn't he have just denied it?

  3. or claimed it was about the twin towers.... thats what i would have done.


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