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Sunday, 13 February 2011

read but don't weep

Manchester council held a meeting last week in order to find the best way to save money due to the cut backs facing u all in this “age of austerity”.

Some of the thinks they discussed involved:

• Triple yellow lines EVERYWHERE
• Tax the homeless
• Sell all the lead in the town hall
• And many others

In their infinite wisdom though, the council have decided that the best way to save money due to the cut backs is to close all but one of the 19 public toilets in the town centre.

Many people have expressed their opinion that this is a bad idea. But I for one think this is a good thing.

Next time I pop into to the hovel that is England’s second city, I will be able to see the wonderful and articulate poetry that adorns the crappers of my home town as I am chased by the many multi-cultural gangs, instead of waiting until you are "pringled" (‘cos once you pop – you just can’t stop)

Here is an example of the kind of things you may see on your own travels:

Na you find any better statements of fact on your travels?

If so, send them to me or post them to my facebook.

The best will win a prize.

In other news, not one of you bothered to enter he competition the other week.

No sinkingship badges will be handed out this week.


  1. Are you saying that the guttersnipes of Manchester will migrate to Birmingham to find suitable venues for their art? I never realised they had that much initiative. But perhaps I have misunderstood you.

  2. When i say Englands sencond city, i am refering to Manchester not Birmingham. Birmingham is the first city of England... i've heard people say London is the first city ut that can't be true.. it awful.


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