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Monday, 28 March 2011

One the strangest conversations I've had in a while...

As I was dragging the pooch out one morning last week for his regular crap fest, I was accosted by an unsavoury gentleman on the path.

What with it being so early in the morning I’m not accustomed to greeting my fellow human man in a friendly manner. However it was such a nice and fresh morning I for went the usual scowl and opted for a half hearted friendly smile instead.

What a mistake that was.

The personage in question saw this silent greeting as a request to stop and spill his mind out of his mouth in my direction. The following is the actual conversation I was forced to partake in...

*it is important to note that I have written this exactly how it sounded, just so you can be as confused as I was.

Me: “morning...”

Stranger: “aaaahh.... waaaken the dog eh?”

Me: “...yes...”

Stranger: “they’ve knocked a penny of petrol y’know... the gev-en-ment”

Me: “...yes I heard.”

Stranger: “ Eye A ho-el penny. Et wo-ent mayk a bet of def-er-ence y’kno.”

Me: “ mmm...”

Stanger: “ et el soon go ep. Mark my werds”

Me: “ ... right...?”

Stranger: “ yea. Its ‘cos o’dem Al Key das. Is’n et.”

Me: “ Al key das?”

Stranger: “ Al key das – thes ryt. Blowen ether then ep.”

Me: “ pardon...”

Stranger: “Al key das. Y’kno. Terror-ests!!!”

Me: “ oh, you are Welsh. You mean Al Qaeda?”

Stranger: “ S’wa eye sayen esen et.”

At this point I made my excuses very quickly indeed and ensured the dog stayed close to my side and didn’t look back.

The welsh are very hard to understand and of what i do understand most of it doesn't make sense.

That is all for now. Carry on with the rest of your day.

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