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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This Blog could save your relationship and your Job

First it was tattoos, then it was i-phones.

And now the latest craze to hit the UK is super injunctions!

If you are a high ranking politician and you wake up one morning to find yourself hanging out the back of some dead rent boy or you’re a TV personality with an ungodly desire to eat human flesh but don’t really fancy having to explain your actions to the people who trust you or even your employers for that matter, fret no longer because now you can take a Bumferry Hogart Super Injunction.

Unlike other so-called super injunctions that don’t seem to last that long, or even end up “embarrassing” you in the public eye, the Bumferry Hogart Super Injunction (BHSI) is specifically designed to eliminate all those dirty stains on your good name.

The Bumferry Hogart special branded Super Injunctions (BHSI)work very similar to that of the leading brand super injunction except the BHSI come with a patented Teflon coating )designed by NASA) to ensure that if your secret gets out none of that shit sticks to you.

And that’s a Bumferry Bonus promise.

Whats more, for a limited time only, your very own personalised BHSI comes with one of these fantastic free gifts just for applying.

Hell, its almost worth doing something naughty just to get your hands on one of these.

Butter stick

"Bumferry sorted it" branded secret biscuit holding cup.

And that’s not all.

For the whole of may you only have to pay a 25% of £54225 upfront with no questions asked.

Apply now before you get caught out.

Please note that if Bumferry Hogart and its affiliates hold no responsibilities for your indiscretions and you really are a naughty boy.

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  1. How on Earth do the biscuits stay in the cups' hidey hole.


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