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Thursday, 19 May 2011

998 words that form a request for your help.

Hi. You look smashing today?
Have you lost weight?

Everyone I know says you are the best...

The reason I’m sucking up to you in such a shameless manner is that I need your help.

News has recently come the way of Bumferry Hogart HQ that really makes me worry about the power wielded by the common man.

As I’ve said before, democracy doesn’t work and here is the proof.
If you vote,, you are told that that vote is very important and dictates the future of your country.

That statement is a lie.

A damned lie!

Recent events here in Bumferryville have left the working and middle classes a little worried to the say the least and vomiting into their own hands with fear to put it a little over top. Not because of the English government but because of a more fearful group - the welsh assembly.

The welsh assembly which is in Wales and was voted in by the people of Wales by the welsh and runs Wales for the welsh people who also live in Wales have decided that they want to build a wind farm... in Wales.

So far so good.

The welsh people in change of the welsh assembly in Wales also want to build a welsh sub station in Wales and that to is fine. Because it is all happening in Wales.
From here on in things get a bit iffy.

You see, the welsh assembly in Wales wants this welsh wind farm to send power to the welsh sub stations in Wales and then power Wales with it. However they don’t want to have electrical pylons in Wales churning up their Welsh hills and Welsh trees and other Welsh things so they plan to run their power lines through... you guessed it England, which is not in Wales and continually states its wants nothing to do England and hates England.

Yea, THAT England.

These power lines are planned to run through the area I live.
They will be 481 feet tall (the tallest in the UK) , spoil the beautiful views we have to offer and will give all the little English kiddies Welsh cancer.
That is wrong.

If my children and future workforce are to die it is going to be by my lack of care and attention to health and safety matters and not from Welsh bloody cancer. I want the full English, royal approved cancer with bulldogs and morris dancing and cups of tea that complains about the weather all the time even though its been quite reasonable weather for this time year of late. Not the Welsh version which really doesn’t bare thinking about.

Its an absolute injustice that I should have to sit looking out of my caravan at massive welsh metal erections just so that llltydbgraeg jones or Lllllllllloisrgnem willaims can put an extra bar on their electric fire or choose not to watch welsh TV that no bugger tunes into anyway.

The Welsh have taken liberties before.

Putting up road signs in that gibberish they pretend to speak and talking in tongues all the bloody time. But this.... this is an insult to the people (the English) who pay for the Welsh to have free prescriptions on the NHS and all-you-can-eat morning after pills for their under aged whores.

The same Welsh who insist on filming Doctor Who and Gavin and bloody Stacey.
The very same country that left Aled Jones - who is always laughing AT YOU! - on our doorstep and now all he can do is carry on about how he once sang the snowman theme.

The Welsh, who would quite happily kill their own first born if it meant pissing off the rest of the country for a five pound note and some smack.
The dirty Welsh who all take huge quantities of illegal substances and moan about rubbish Wales is but will not do anything about it themselves.

That lot.

They want and want and make demands and offer nothing in return because even they know that Rhod Gilbert is crap.
And so good people of the internet I urge you, plead with you to help me and indeed the future of the English countryside in stopping

this monstrosity from going ahead.
The national grid claim they have no option but to allow this to happen and the taffy’s have us over a barrel. Which is nonsense.

This can only be overthrown by people power as the government will probably not do anything to help, even though they claim they don’t want loads of pylons all over the country.

It important to note at this point that one of the heads of one the companies that may possibly be involved in building these pylons is the wife of Nick Clegg.... you know him, he’s the guy you liked on the tele when they did the elections but turned out to be a bit of a sniffling liar and a spineless chump. So think on.

So please.

Please help me and good people of England by following the link below and signing the petition to stop this horrible thing from happening.

If i have not been able to convince yet – then think of this as war.

The Welsh are declaring war on England and her people.

By attacking us with their dirty electricity and bombarding our kiddies and small puppies with their evil throbbing cancer towers they are mocking me, you and all you stand for!

Now is the time to strike- the pen is mightier than the sword. The internet is even stronger and top trumps them all!

It can not be allowed to happen.

If they want something, they have to take control and be responsible for their own actions.

The welsh wanted power in government and they got it.

Now they want welsh electricity and they can have it, just through my back yard.


Please help by signing the petition on the link above. Thankyou.


  1. Lllllllllloisrgnem willaims - Genius.

    I don't know why they're so both...ered. the Welsh have got by so far without electricity and fire and proper language.

    I'll sign your petetion. If those 'Araf' m***********s get power, it can only lead to bad things. sure, it would take no opposition and 65,000,000 years for Wales to pose any kind of threat to anything more than a damp crisp but last time we didn't keep an eye on what a load of backward eejits were getting up to, we ended up with Yankland.

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