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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Stephen Hawking, Derren Brown and God walk into a bar...

I’ve said a lot of bad things in my time, mainly against dwarves, blacks, Jews, Catholics, old people, the young, the mentally ill, gays, Muslims, stupid people, Dave and pretty much everyone who isn’t exactly like me.

And I’m not about to apologise for any of it.

The reason being that most of it is said in jest.

Yes there is a modicum of truth in any rant or correspondence about any given subject, but when the person writing or indeed reading it starts to believe in anything that may cause offence, then the writer needs to have a good long hard look at what they are responsible for encouraging.

The reason I write this now, is because I happen to read the occasional blog written on the website of Derren Brown, TV’s very own man of magic.

I like him.

He is very talented and extremely proficient master of his art, although I do find that some of the things he alludes to on his blog, which are said in all seriousness; do lead to a rabble of yes men taking his blog entries a little too far.

A point I recently saw when I came across his article on Stephen Hawking who some time ago claimed that God doesn’t exist and religion is nothing but a fairy tale.
(This was said just in time for the release of his latest book about space – not that I’m trying to say it was part of a tasteless gimmick to drum up news reports of his latest publication – but I am)

His opinion on this matter is of course allowed, and some may even agree with that point of view.

I however do not.

That is not to say that I do believe in God or in any one particular version of God or an almighty being, but I would never stick my neck out and categorically state
that there is no God.

I simply don’t have the proof needed to back up that claim.

And neither does Hawking.

And neither do the “we love Derren and will agree with everything he says” brigade.
There was one person who was brave enough say that they DID believe in a God, but for the rest, the underlying snobbery of not believing which is in itself a belief, for again nobody has any proof whatsoever that there is or isn’t a greater being or creator, is tantamount to pure hypocrisy.

The self proclaimed “rational thinkers” really do wind me up for some reason.
I think it’s due to their smugness and absolution in statements such as “it is impossible for there to be a god. It’s just common sense.”

Or “why doesn’t god prove he exists?”

They really are missing the point.

Apart from a few bubble brained nut jobs who testify that God speaks directly to them and wants them to kill kiddies, there are not that many people of faith, who claim to KNOW that god exists but rather BELEIVE and indeed have FAITH.

That is what they have in abundance.

The naysayers have nothing but doubt. For a group of people who crave fact and evidence, they have absolutely none to uphold their own statements. This is ludicrous.

The bottom line is that the folks who pride themselves on their scientific and logical views throw away those very same values when declaring to anyone who will listen that there is no God.

Those who are decreed to respond with emotion and are seen as less informed mainly answer with hope, faith and belief. Their own personal opinion being exactly that – an opinion.

Not a matter of fact.

If you have found this entry a little dry and not to the usual cry for help you have come to expect, then please feel free to cut and paste the following list of words below and insert them randomly throughout this blog.






Bag of piss










Cling film.

That is all.
Carry on.


  1. In fairness, if you were 'The Hawk', you'd probably feel a bit put out now and then.


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