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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

a further 998 words of pure pile

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – democracy doesn’t work.

It’s all well and good on paper, giving people the vote and freedom to do what they when they want and how they want with WHO they want - and have their say and whatnot, but when it comes down to brass tax, people just do not know what to do
with their own time.

150 years ago when children were (quite rightly) sent up chimneys and women worked the mills for 27 hours a day, there wasn’t enough time for people to think about how bad their life was.

They just got on with it.

And then they died of cholera or gout.

Life was easy back then, it was better.

There was no worrying about phone credit, or Facebook statuses or AIDS or paedophiles. Everyone was too busy whether working or dying from a horrible yet easily curable disease.

Fast forward (or is that skip to the next track...bloody kids and I-pods) to the present day and what do have.

These days we have ordinary folk spending most of their own free time and money staring at celebrities they have no hope of every connecting with or aspiring to.
These people are called idiots, and we shall speak more them at a later date.
There are others though, who have taken it upon themselves to become leaders of their community. This in itself is a commendable act. Although when these leaders of groups of certain aspects of our population are called upon to offer a command that the mindless followers can partake in – all we get are protests.


A load of people from every walk of life with nothing better to do than go moaning on about “how hard it is to be me!”

That’s the basic message they want to get across.

And the people of her majesty’s Great Britain will protest about anything.

Too much tax

Not enough funds to build schools

Too many foreigners

Not enough nurses

Ad infinitum.

They may hold banners and chant catchy slogans like “bring it back now” or “stop doing it!” while slowly wandering up a street somewhere while the local press mill around trying to find an angle on yet another go nowhere story.

Protests don’t work – Egypt is an exception because they have guns and camels – but here in the UK we just don’t have the effort to do anything properly.

Last weekend there was supposed to be a road protest about the rise in fuel prices and it was due to go straight passed where I live, and I mean within 300 yards of my window. And yet there was nothing.

Some vans had stopped outside some gates somewhere near to an oil refinery.

Big bastard deal.

The end result was...... bog all. Everything is still the same as before apart from those who took part, have probably lost a day’s wage.

That’s not a protest.

Teachers have been threatening to go on strike for increased pension contributions.
That’s no reason to protest.

If you want to protest about a just cause and not only hold up other innocent people’s days but actually get them on your side, you need to protest about something real and deserved.

Not pension contributions. Especially when most of the population are facing cuts and rising bills without any hope of an increase in their own wage, let alone the dream of being able to afford to put some money away for the future.
But I have spoken about that before.... and I thought word might get around and people would think “ooh, best not do this protest ‘cos I heard Bumferry Hogart got a bit miffed when them dickheads from the local comp voted for action...”

But alas no.

In fact, the great British public have gone one step further in order to rouse my annoyance.

That’s right....

I didn’t want to go there but they have left me no choice...

They wheeled out the cripples.

There they were limping, juttering, or just freewheeling down the streets of that there London to moan on and on about how the financial cuts that WE ARE ALL facing were reaaalllllyyyy hurting them the most, because they are soooooooo special.


People whose bodies don’t work properly get a load of cash off the government already to help with spare tyres or new rubbery bits on the end of their sticks, or even free dogs if their blind.

They don’t have to work, get meals on wheels and can have a maid come round and do the washing up twice a week- paid for!

These fuckers have the cheek to gripe on about how hard it is to not do anything!
“I’m well hard up” signed deaf one – even though he had a mobile phone!
Another with no eyeballs was head to quote “the BBC has gone to shit in the morning. It’s all repeats of homes under the hammer. Why would I want to watch homes under the hammer?” And he gets a TV licence for free. The cunt.

But more so than that. These bleeding hearts have the bloody nerve to protest and whinge about how hard times are from them, when real hard working people, who physically contribute to the good of the country not only in wages and tax but in effort and hard work, these selfish mindless wandering busy bodies who claim that they can’t even feed their 14 cats on prime salmon anymore – need more money or the very least don’t deserve to have any taken away from them, because they are without limb and it would be rude if they had to chip like the rest of us....

They can’t all be that hard up though can they?

Not if they can afford a day trip to bloody London.

Anyway sod ‘em.

I’m sure the hot summer or cold winter will see most of them off.

I’ll play the waiting game.


  1. I pretty much agree with everything you've written, especially the part about disabled people.

    It's as though they are using their disability to get sympathy vote! Which is actually quite embarassing, since they always claim to want to be treated 'equally' and trying act all self-righteous.

    Nobody is ever going to be happy, regardless of how much money they get/don't get!

  2. In conclusion:- Everyone's a c##t. Let's me and you go live in a log cabin.


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