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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Those who can - wont.

School teachers want to go strike to protect their pensions.

This is the news story that i half heartedly hear as i trundle through the first few hours of the morning.

The cheeky, cheeky bastards.

I know that teachers get a lot of stick already with people saying they get half the year off, and get over paid fro telling idiots kids who don’t know better, how to spell and use a pen and stuff. And i completely agree with them.

Teachings a piece of piss.

All they do is read from a book and tell the snotty hyper active little brats to copy it down. Easy.

There’s no hard work involved.

Hard work being somebody who works for the ambulance service for example, who rush to accidents and the like where they see anything from a cut thumb to somebody’s head hanging of a pipe.

Or firemen who’s job it is to run into burning building and save poor orphans and their one eyed puppies from a fate sulphur monoxide poisoned fate of death.
Or even call centre workers who have to speak to the utterly brain dead population about insurance or debt or why the voices in their head wont leave them alone.
Teachers on the other hand face nothing in the way of hardship apart from some marking at the end of the week.

Short days long holidays and loads of money to keep you happy and now these little swines want some more money putting into their pension pots!

Well i say no.

For one main reason.

Teachers get paid by the state, which is made up of your tax money (i don’t pay tax because i don’t exist) and to put extra money into a pension scheme is exactly EXACTLY the same as asking to be paid in lottery tickets.

The money held in a pension is not secure. Its value can rise as well as fall...
You may have notice a little thing in the news last year about – THE COLLAPSE OF THE GLOBAL ECONOMY- I write this is big letters so teachers will see it clearly.
By putting money into pensions now there is no guarantee that it will be worth anything by the time they come to retire.

Money placed into pension funds, much like any investment, is used to buy units or shares. These units are given a value and rise or fall depending on the financial market they are placed in.

Pick any random day and see what the value of those shares are and you will receive a meaningless figure because it isn’t turned into cold hard cash until you actually retire and become eligible to claim.

This is entry level of understanding of pensions.

It’s what pensions are.

You can put a million pounds into a pension today and by this time next week it could be worth 50p.

By threatening the education of children for their own selfish misguided greed, we can now see exactly what teachers are like.

Not to mention that at least 24 of them are paedophiles, drug users and or murderers.

It is said that “those who can, teach.”

I would propose that we change that to “those who teach, can fuck off.”

I do wonder however if teachers were given the opportunity to have an increased amount placed into their pensions, or the right to use the cane in the classrooms, which they would go for?

Corporal punishment or capital gain?

For that is the one reason i don’t out and out hate teachers as much as i hate bin men.

Teachers – well, the bad ones, do get threatened by the bigger kids and these kids who are dragged up on sinkhole estates with mouths full of sugar puffs (see picture below), where their only aspirations in life are to “star” on the Jeremy Kyle show” or get on Britain’s got talent.

Unless today’s youth are simply being bred as cannon fodder for future missions to Mars and we need to see what effect being hit square in the face by an asteroid has on a moron, i see no reason in not smacking the disrupters in a classroom and putting them their place.

A quick smack in the chops and kick in he knee caps will halt any kind of revolt during lesson times.

Outside of school hours is another story, but we are getting off track here.
All in all my solution is to allow teachers to punch children in return for not getting paid more money.

We are after all living in a time of austerity and we are all in this together.
Lets go and beat up an 8 year old.

Do it for Britain.

Do it for our future.

Do it because they won’t fight back.

Basic info on the strike can be read here (I only read the head line)


  1. That picture of the guy with jacked up teeth was enough reason to follow your blog but there is a blog on top of it! good work.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I WILL I WILL! Consider me in!

    I personally was raised by dogs and cats who taught me about Literature, The Sciences and growing my beard to the same width as my body so that I would not get trapped in a bottle.

    Mind you, the dogs were especially s##t at woodwork.

    So yes, I agree:- Should you see a bunch of teachers demonstating, disrupt proceedings by waiting till they're at their noisiest before shouting over them, 'THIS IS YOUR OWN TIME YOU'RE WASTING, NOT MINE!'

  4. "Those who can DO, those who CAN'T teach!"

    I love the rant, you remind me of myself on a bad day :P :)


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