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Friday, 10 June 2011

Stephen Fry is not a racist

Stephen fry is a wordy man.

He is also quite funny and charming and clever.


Stephen fry has no balls.

The reason I say this is due to the following article on the BBC website:


Fry states that in a remake of the dam busters film, that he is writing, he will rename the dog Digger.

Back in the days of world war two and even beyond, the word nigger was a word used like any other. It had no connotations of race or derogatory meaning.
Even my dear old white haired granny used to have a “nigger brown coat”.
It’s like saying opal or teal.
It was just another word to describe a shade of colour.

If Mr Fry is indeed writing a version of the dam busters story and chooses to include the character of the dog then he should stand up for the historic accuracies that are so failing in most of today’s hyped up “historical” dramas and call the damned dog Nigger.
Otherwise the remake will end up a lot like this....

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  1. My white haired grandma used the word 'nigger' to mean black man with a rope round his neck. I guess everyone will realize you folks in England have your own definition, heh!


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