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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Chicken and The Egg

Since the dawn of mankind, let actually a little bit after that, but for a long time there have been questions that have puzzled mankind.

At least one of these questions will be answered here today by me!

For free.

I am too good to you ungrateful lot.

So here we go. The first question I am going to answer is this:

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

The answer is of course, the chicken.

But why?

To fully understand the answer to this so called impossible question is really rather simple.
Before I answer this question we must first agree that evolution is real. If any proof is needed then please refer to science.

Later we will look at the non-evolutionary beliefs and come to the same conclusion.
We shall begin by looking at the chickens of today.

Here is a chicken.

This chicken is a chicken because it is made of chicken DNA. In fact genetic make-up is 100% chicken DNA.

This is very important for chickens.

Previously chickens were not made up of 100% chicken DNA. They were, at some point in the past, made up of something like 99% chicken DNA. Before that, they were 98% chicken DNA and so on until we travel all the back in time to fish or dinosaurs or something.

That’s evolution for you. In a nutshell.

Now on the clever bit. You may wish to makes here...

A chicken can only lay a chicken egg. It cannot lay anything else. It cannot lay a horse’s egg or pig’s egg, because those animals do not need eggs.

Chicken lay eggs. The eggs made by any particular chicken are produced by that chicken alone. Its shell and the gooey stuff inside is all chicken DNA.

Lady chickens are the ones that lay eggs, on a regular basis which makes them, for want of a better term, chicken periods.

The egg is made purely from the mummy chicken (or hen). When a daddy chicken (cockerel) comes alone and 2marries” a mummy chicken another egg is laid for the baby chicken to be born.

The little baby chicken (chicken) is made up of a combination of the hen and the cockerel, although the egg itself is made purely from the mummy hen/chicken.

The result of this is that a hen lays the egg and what is born of the egg is slightly different genetically.

So when a chicken that is made of 97% of today’s chicken DNA lays egg that egg is made of the equivalent of 97% of today’s Chickens DNA. The baby chicken that hatches out of the egg is a total of 98% chicken DNA.  Chicken 98% lays a 98% egg and the chicken born of that egg is 99% chicken which lays another egg and hey presto the 99% egg falls apart to give the chicken we know and love and eat from a bucket.

The chicken came first followed by the egg.

For the purposes of religious people out there... this is also true according to your holy text. Probably.
They’ve started to use chicken dung on the farm next door by the way – and it bloody stinks more than anything you can imagine.


  1. I feel very enlightened, what an insightful post :) Although I'm not sure I 'got it' 100% :/

  2. Love the reference at the end HAHA!


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