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Friday, 19 August 2011


Yet again I am continually amazed at the thought processes that some people believe are acceptable.

The amount of people I have to deal on a daily basis that seem to think they are the only living creatures in the world and therefore do have to take into account their actions and how they may impact on the lives of others is beyond belief.

It comes as no surprise to me that the youth of today seem to have no problem taking what they want and demanding the right to carry on as they please when the older generation, who by rights should know better, act in a manner more, accustomed to that of a wild chimp.

The old proverb “good manners cost nothing” seems to have gone completely out the window and you can’t even give them away.

Young children enjoy the phrase “I want, I need”. It is a mantra uttered at every convenience, and now to I see it happen with the elderly.

Working on a campsite sees a revolving population all year round and August has brought with it the silly season.

The grey haired citizens of this country routinely demand such quantities of amenities one would think they were royalty.

Their self belief in their own status of elders, issues an all important righteousness only seen by prima Dona superstars.

There are no many rules or guidelines to follow on site but the main ones are there purely for the safety and comfort of others. Namely:


By no means an arduous task. In fact these are less rules and more common sense.

People come camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. They leave their town houses, busy roads and street lighting for a more gentle and serine way of life. If only for a weekend, the relaxing countryside is there for all to enjoy.

However, for some (especially those who only stay for two nights) it is with the upmost urgency that they simply have to have a good TV reception. As well as being near the toilets but not too near the toilets, near the dog walk but not near any other dogs and in a quite part of the site so that when they get drunk and loud they are not disturbed by anyone else.

That last one really gets my wick.

Apart from the fact that noise carries well, THEY are aware that the noise they will make will disturb others but are only bothered that someone will complain and therefore stop THEIR enjoyment. It has absolutely no bearing on their own actions that they might be disturbing somebody else.
As long as they are having a good time, everyone else can get stuffed.



Something has happened.

While writing this mess I had to stop and pitch a new arrival. They were by all accounts a jolly couple by the name of Barnes, who are in their late 60’s. They were all smiles and happy talk with a positive shine that was refreshing while not overpowering.

They made me forget my anger and hatred toward the old. Ten minutes earlier I was ready to renounce my membership to the human race and become something higher... but these two wonderful souls have lifted my spirits tenfold.

What lovely beautiful people. Who are happy to be alive and are glad of the chance to share it with each other.
Plus the gentleman gave me a fiver and told me to have a drink on him!

So I will.

And I will do it with a smile on my face. A genuine smile. As I take my first sip of that drink I will think only kind thoughts and wish him well for the future.

The world is not a horrible as it sometimes seems.

There are those people who wish nothing but hatred and sadness to spread because they are full of hate and sorrow.

Those are the people we always remember. Those are the idiots who stay in our heads and ruin our days.

But for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. For each dickhead there is a hero.

For every fool, there is the genius.

I hope you meet your very own Mr and Mrs Barnes in the near future. As and when you do, please remember them and the kindness they showed. Allow their happiness to enter your life and make your day that little bit more bearable.

It makes hating others much more fun somehow!


  1. "As well as being near the toilets but not too near the toilets"

    I laughed at this and then you went all happy and sentimental on me. anyway, good post, i'll try to be less hateful today in honor of you.

  2. The selfish gene is a bitch. I know of the kind of people you are describing. It's quite frustrating that sometimes people we don't even know have the ability to ruin our day - Dammit!


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