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Thursday, 1 September 2011

A September Monologue

To awake on the 1st of September
 With your breathe hanging loose in the air
Is not the most welcoming thing I can think of
I really do think it’s not fair

The coldness that surrounded my body
From forehead to tip of my nose
Is a notice to all and to sundry
‘Tis the end of the summer I suppose.

But the cold it soon evaporates
Replaced by warm September air
So I brush my teeth and wash my face
Get dressed and ruffle my hair

The morning turns to afternoon
And the sunshine warms my heart.
I breathe a sigh of contentment
And let out a little fart.

Careful am I not to follow through
Of clean undies these are my last ones
And I’m not quite ready to slip myself into
A pair of my winter long johns.

Soon I know I will have to.
But not from the mess I have made
But I’m saving my long johns for when it gets colder
And I’m shovelling the snow with my spade.


  1. not sure Dan. i dont know alot about them new electric cars... i'll ask around though.


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