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Friday, 18 November 2011

The Evils Of Charity

As if Halloween wasn’t bad enough tonight sees the BBC event of the year with a whole night dedicated to Children in bloody need. (I added the bloody bit myself).

It’s just another exercise in begging by people who should know better.

I’m not against charity.

Charity does a lot of good and is required in all aspects of life, not only for kids but animals and the frail and the needy.

It’s what sets us apart from the other animals, that aspect to help others. But my problem with all this TV extravaganza is that I am shown cleverly made videos of crying kids sulking in a corner while some two bit millionaire celebrity tells how truly awful it is that little Timmy lives in poverty blah blah blah.

Forgetting the fact that the government, local council and this poor kids own family have let him down, I’m now made to feel guilty and hand over money to appease my own consciousness.  

Every other year this event comes round and Sir Terry Wogan bumbles he way around a stage and introduces the tired routine of the news readers sing along, or eastenders comical gag routine.

Then we are subjected to the unimaginative "local reports" of people sitting in a bath of beans, dress down days et al.
if you work in an office, i guarantee there is some chump who gets all emotional and takes on the roll of ensuring everyone MUST join in with the FUN because if YOU don't JOIN IN then some child will DIE on christmas day and it will be you fault!
it's usually some middle aged woman who has doubtful sanity issues and smells of cats and has put more effort into Children in Need than that really important project shes missed the deadline for TWICE, or else its a young upstart trainee with nothing better to do.

Its all done in a  poor and rubbish manner. Just because it’s for charity, doesn’t mean any of them should try less.

For once I dont claim to have an answer to the problem (although i will think on) brecause the problem is one that is bigger than a simple bath of bean or "laugh-at-me-for-50p" event. but there is no reason for the groundhog day style repeat of same old routine same comics being dragged out for the ake of filling 5 hours of BBC air time.

*warning semi-serious bit*

IF – if you feel obliged to give and help charities, then don’t just throw a couple of coins their way, 
actually help. Most charities need physical help. Volunteers are what are required. Money is great but doesn’t solve all the problems.

... Oh and only give to charities that are none profit.

Always ask if they are, because if not most of the cash you hand over goes into some marketing manager’s pocket and never gets to those who need it.

If you have a beating heart and have morals – then you can give here Bumferry Hogart Is A Horrible Person

Rant over.
i'm going to get out of this bean bath now.... its gone cold.

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