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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

British Politics At Its Best

I know this probably doesn't count as a proper post but, I wanted to share this with people because it made me laugh.


From BBC parliment coverage of the House of Lords.
originally seen via the poke (thepoke.co.uk)

Well done old lady!


  1. just another bunch of liars

    also, nice blog, supported!

  2. Does she even know what's going on?

  3. People who were around for WWII are old? Who'd'a thunk?

  4. anonblog - ta very much for the support!

    lil - i hope she doesn't and she just likes to flick the V's at anyone who makes eye contact.

    Darren - in all the fil'ems ive seen everyone is young in war films. i cant work it out. probably sumink to do with dave - y'know what he's like.

  5. Awesome. Can she be my new grandma?


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