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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Oi Four eyes... What Are You Looking At?

Do you know what winds me up?

 Loads of things. But today its people who wear glasses who don't need to.

Another of lifes little losers
I wear glasses because i have rubbish eyes and thoroughly enjoy having a red mark on my nose wear the bridge of them digs right in on my big ol’ shnoz.

But some people... some villainous cretins walk about without a care in the world wearing spectacles that they have no right to.

Lets put this into context.

If you saw somebody in a wheelchair who decided to get up and walk about just to stretch their legs for a bit and then got back into the wheelchair singing “I am cool – I am a hipster!” then you would be well within your rights to outraged and smack them in the face.

I know how you feel my friend.
However, when it comes to one of the lesser disabilities like the specky fours eyes amongst us, where are the political correct police then I ask?

I’ll tell you where, they are somewhere else. Looking the other way, reading the guardian and tut tutting at the state of education bemoaning that more money should be spent on hospitals or canals or niche amateur dramatic groups.

But why glasses, I ask myself – because nobody else would think to ask....

You never see (or heard) of anyone wearing a hearing aid just to be trendy, or fixing a peg leg or a hook. That’s not hip enough i guess... or maybe it’s too cool.
People like YOU make me sick!

It annoys me. not enough to do anything about it, but just enough to spend 20 minutes thinking about and then writing it down and posting up on here for you to read.

But no more than that.


  1. I'm with you Mr H. I too, me Rob Z Tobor am as blind as a bat without my glasses if fact if I take them off I cant find the dam things to put them back on. Without them I would not understand a word of your blog or even mine but with them I can well ................AH

  2. People actually do this!?! Although I have seen people using wheelchairs that don't need it (do those scooters at supermarkets count? Up and at 'em, fatty.). If it's any consolation, looking through fake glasses has to have an adverse affect on the eyes, meaning those glasses will soon house necessary lenses.


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