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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Is it a Bird...?

I have a confession to make.

I am a comic book geek.

Not just a comic book geek, but a sci-fi geek et al.

I love nothing more than the escapism of watching a spaceship/metahuman/mutant and any other kind of silliness fly/change shape/save the world/destroy mankind in almost any form.
Books, films, tv shows, toys and yes... comics.

I own and read and collect comic books.

I have spent a stupid amount of money over the years on what amounts to a load of pretty pictures of men and women in tightly clad latex, flying running and grappling with each other in all the colours of the rainbow.

 I could try and justify my childish hobby with quips of how they are an investment for the future as collections of stories can fetch $$$ or even £££ in the right market.

I could pass off excuses about how good the stories are and how not all comic books are about superhero’s and some are very dramatic works of art with horrors and love stories and twists and turns and cliff hangers galore.

But in the end they are cartoon books.

But I am not ashamed of this hobby. No sir-ee.

It’s just another layer to mysterious onion that is me.

However, that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

Because I read comics I often find that I feel that I want or even need in some cases my own theme tune.
Dur Dur Duuur!!

Superman has one.

Batman has one as well.

Even Spiderman has his own Spiderman tune and he is rubbish.

I was thinking of trailing one out here on my blog. One that would play out whenever people came along and read my thoughts.

Unfortunately, I am the wrong kind of geek. As a comic book geek I am incapable of being a computer geek (it’s some unwritten law or something) and therefore am unable to figure out how or even if it is possible to have a fanfare blare out automatically.

Therefore I humbly ask you all, next time you read my blog please can you all hum the following tune to the best of your ability.

Here goes.

Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum. Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum  Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum Bada bada papapapa (wooooooh!)

It sounds better out loud than written down trust me.

Oh yes, I just want to let you all know that Mrs H has been collecting X-men books long before she snared me into her little trap and for many years before they even thought of making the films... she just so happens to love Hugh Jackman as well.
The perv.

Anyone can wear a vest... pffft.


  1. Well done for coming out, I also read comic books. I love Warren Ellis' stuff. we should talk more.
    send me email

  2. I am really glad you have not worked out how to add auto music in the background to your blog PHEW I am not a fan of it it reminds me of shopping centres who always play something of universal hate.

    Anyway it is late and I must go so up up and away singing

    Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum. Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum Dum-dum-dum- dadadadada daaaaaaaaaa dum dum Bada bada papapapa (wooooooh!)

  3. Comic Books and superheroes are awesome

  4. Now, see, I would have pegged you as a comic book and sci-fi fan, but composer? Wow! I'm impressed. I love the Bumferry theme. How much would you charge to compose a musical score for TMP? If this catches on, not only will you be rich, but when you walk into places with free WI-FI, everyone will be humming. I see a future Nobel Peace Prize winner in this scenario. And all due to your vast love of comic books.

  5. Bumferry, if you hum your theme tune into a piece of software called Autotune, you could make the R&B hit of the summer!

  6. Automatic music on blogs always scares the hell out of me...
    Suddenly from no where music starts playing and then I'm trying to flick through 20 odd windows to find out which one is playing...

    ...Ironman and Batman have to be my two favourite superheroes...totally bad-ass

  7. Thankfully i have absolutley no intention of putting auto music on here. I think its more fun to do it yourselves. gives my blog that more "personal" feel. plus i too pigging lazy. haha.

  8. Howard the Duck all the way.


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