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Monday, 5 March 2012

Insert Witty Title Here

Good evening.
 *Please note there are no pictures today because my laptop is being a bit of dick. please use your imagination and insert you own random pictures where you see fit, thankyou)

(I am assuming it is the evening as you read this. It is very late in the evening as I write, so why should I think it would be otherwise)

There are three things i would like to write about today.

Firstly, i would like to apologise for not ruining your time online with some bilious tripe of musings for the past weeks or so. Real life seems to have got in the way somehow.
As mixture of houses, funerals and a very busy weekend working (including the boiler breaking no less than three times in a week – meaning the campers had no hot water) has caused me to neglect my duties here on the blog.

I think I’m through the worst of it now though because I think the house may sell soon, there aren’t that many people left in my family left alive so the inconvenience of funerals should now dissipate for a while, and the boiler man is due Tuesday morning so fingers crossed on that one.
Secondly, I have recently been awarded an award for my efforts by fellow blogger Addman @Muppets for Justice.

Part of the rules of receiving an award is to link back to that person/blog which I am more than happy to do because it is a blog I both read and admire due to the fact that its author Addman writes things I think about but manages to write and produce those thought far more eloquently and with more humour and wit than wot i can.

The other tradition is to pass on the award and tell you readers about some of the great blogs i read.
As it happens, most of the blogs i would give this award to already  have this and many other awards so i will direct you to a BRAND NEW PAGE on my blog where by I list all my favs.


I would like to thank you dear reader for doing what you do. Which is read this blog of mine.
For something that started off as a time wasting exercise while living in the caravan I had no idea that people would actually read this let alone comment or indeed come back for more.
I am by definition a lazy bugger who runs out of steam and enthusiasm for many of the things i write, but this bloody thing keeps me going.

So thank you and sorry.

Right, that’s enough self deprecation from me.

Normal service will be resumed shortly*

*assuming the boiler gets fixed, and nobody bloody dies in the next few days....


  1. Wow, such a lot to take in all at once.
    Firstly, I'd like to say congratulations on the greatly deserved, and highly prestigious Kreativ Blogger award. To show that I fully support you without a tinge of jealousy, I would like to say that I completely forgive you for a) not passing the award on to me, and b) not adding me to your brand new page of people you may also like to read. Seriously. No hard feelings. You don't have to feel awkward or anything. Really.
    Secondly, I would like to say, my favorite part of your acceptance speech was when you said: "Thank you and sorry."
    Thirdly, sorry to hear you had a crappy week or two.
    Fourthly, oh wait, never mind, there was no fourthly.

    In all serious, I love your blog and I always come check it out when it rolls to the top of my list. ~cheers!

  2. My ears were burning, so I came over here. Serves me right for standing too close to the cooker (who knew ears were flammable?), but never mind.

    Enjoy the award. You deserve it.

  3. Two things to say the first is well done keep up the good work that quirky British humour us British are famous for is outnumbered in cyberspace by at least 1000000000000000 to one so hang in there chaps.

    Secondly I would just like to say campers wanting hot water, what ever happened to the good old days of a stand pipe on a wall and a loo with a tin roof and the weeks newspapers cut up into convenient sized bits of paper.

    Thirdly thanks for the link me and Steven Spielberg always appreciate a bit of promotion.

    Three reasons why no one expects the Spanish Inquisition

    Ooo yes and the aquaducts

  4. congratulations. +following for probably all the wrong reasons.

  5. Awesome blog following :)

  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Stay tuned for things and stuff in the near future...

  7. Np thanks for commenting on my blog!

  8. Sorry about your water heater - that is a pain in the butt for sure!


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