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Friday, 22 June 2012

When Mrs H Fell Down - A Poem

Here it is then.
The final part of this little journey of interactive posts for June.

I do hope you have enjoyed this experience as much as I have struggled to complete the tasks I have set myself.

We end our little trip with a true story story that took place last friday morning.


When Mrs H Fell Down.

t'was friday morn, afore the birds reach the sky
when from my deep slumber i did hear a cry.

twas the voice of none other than my Mrs H
who suggested I reach her and with somewhat haste.

Upon my arrival what did i spy?
But mrs H lying there, a tear in her eye.

"my ankle's popped out! and before i PROLAPSE,
at your earliest convinience call me an ambu-lance?"

DISCOMBOBULATED though i was, i dialed 999
and the lady i spoke to told me everything would be fine.

rushed to the hospital and through A&E
a nice nurse offered to make me and hot cup of tea.

5 and half hours - her surgery lasted
and Mrs H's leg is 60% plastered.

But she is tucked up in bed with her leg in the air
she got crutches and a zimmer and a wierd toilet chair.

But although shes in pain she can still be sarcastic
and asked me whats the meaning of the word ENDOPLASMIC?

So  mrs H is not well - she is not SALUBRIOUS.
Mrs H is bedridden and it is all because,

she slipped on gravel which is harder than it sounds
and she crushed her ankle, when MRs H fell down.


Many thanks to Rob, Addman, Darren and Lily for your suggestions over the past few weeks.

I may do some more now Mrs H is out of the room and I can have the laptop on without dirty looks.



  1. Replies
    1. Cheers fella. Took me ages to set the trap for "her in doors". if she hadn't have fallen over i dread to think what i would have ended up writting about.

  2. Although I would like to say well done, I feel that Mrs H might have preferred it if she had not given you the material for your verse or as I feel I should call it Adverse.

    I hope she recovers soon, tell her to keep it raised (the leg) and keep an eye on it surgery on feet and ankles can be a bit fickle as it is the furthest away from the heart. We have history with mashed ankles in our household so can sympathize with her.

    Anyway Mr H all the best I can see several trips to a NHS hospital may be ahead of you and Mrs H..... When you have been sat there for several hours wondering what is going on don't get frustrated think of it as excellent blogging material...

    1. Thanks Rob. Mrs H is doing well considering. Im quite looking forward to going back to the hospital as the royal shrewbury has a very nice cafe where they put a ton of cheddar on your jacket spud! almost worth it. haha.

    2. I know the hospital well we were there just the other day.

  3. Oh no! That's terrible? Wishing Mrs H all the best, as well as a speedy recovery. :)

    A great poem! I almost cried with laughter at the rhyming of 'prolapse' with 'ambu-lance'...almost...
    Hope you do some more of these posts in the future. It was fun.

  4. I agree with Lily - just sqeezing prolapse into any poem is utter genius, but to follow it with discombobulated - well - I am speechless.

  5. Well done, this goes witout saying. I'm sure 'er indoors will appreciate that her misfortune is proving you with some good material ha ha. I fully expect a fifty date stand up tour if she ever gets run over.


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