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Sunday, 13 January 2013

There Is A Difference Between Men And Women.

There are many differences between men and women, not least their names. But other differences do present themselves from time to time.

This very week in fact some major differences between myself and Mrs H have shown themselves quiet clearly.

Here is a list of some of things I have noticed that separate me and “her in doors”

My hobbies include, amongst other things writing this here blog, while typing away Mrs H is watching a program about time travelling Dinosaurs.

I enjoy a bit of sci-fi. Nothing wrong with that. I am a geek after all, however, I like to think that my tastes are a little more high brow that of my partner. While she enjoys shows about vampires, films about vampires and book about vampires, I can’t stand them.

Crying vampires, Emo vampires, vampires that don’t want to be vampires anymore but have a destiny to fulfil, vampires that are good guys endlessly talking about how vampires are just misunderstood all the way through to vampire shows that are just a cheap excuse for a couple of boob shots per episode. She likes vampires.

I do not. I prefer films with car chases, explosions and any sign of a talking dog with attitude is always an added bonus.

I am a geek. So is Mrs H. but different types of geek. For example, she is playing on Facebook games right now. Bubble witch. A game which involves hitting bubbles of colours into one another.

I am downloading a load of TED talks about math and science and technology.

You see, DIFFERENT style of geekdom.

Other differences include our musical tastes. While Mrs H is making a play list for holiday consisting of Iron maiden, Mega death, Telsa, poison and the like, my i-pod is chock full of Phil Collins, Paul Simon and well…. I’ve said enough on my tastes in music.

Mrs H likes to include on her list of hobbies the act of shouting at me, telling me off for typing too loudly, and getting in the way.

Apparently, according to Mrs H anyway, my hobbies include getting in the way, doing things wrong on purpose and being generally rubbish. I can’t disagree.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is because we are about to go on holiday (the first in three years) to a country where nobody else speaks English and will be forced to spend a whole two weeks in each others company without any other outside influences and there is sunshine (wowzers!!)

We fly on Monday. One of us may not return….. probably me.


  1. Aww, I thought this was gonna be a Sex Ed post. I need reminding about what all the fuss is about.

    Take me with you and Mrs H! You can just stuff me in one of the suitcases, though you might find it a bit difficult for the zip of the case, to go over my sizable derriere. And by sizable, I mean pert. *ahem, cough, liar*

    Hope you both have a wonderful time and that neither of you comes home in a body bag.:)

  2. Perhaps whilst there you will see a talking Chihuahua with attitude.

  3. I think my comment might be in your spam Mr H. google have been a bit odd with me tonight

    1. Well you timed that holiday rather well, we are all under a wall of snowmen just remember to wear the woolly hat on the trip home.


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