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Monday, 7 January 2013

Quiz Of The Year 2013

By now we should all have gotten over the Christmas period, trees should be in the loft (or bin) bottles should be recycled and the news should be full of public sector workers threatening to go on strike because there isn’t a bank holiday due for a few weeks.

New years resolutions will either be a distant memory or not even thought up yet and nobody in the world can stomach the thought of turkey sandwiches for at least another six weeks.

So as the nights slowly begin to get a little less dark and none of us can afford to go out and have fun because we still paying off xmas, let’s have a little game!

I present to you all – Bumferry Hogarts Quiz of the year.

Question one: How much longer can that online insurance company drag out the very weak gag of sounding a little bit little an animal and using a puppet with a Russian accent on its adverts?

Question two: Why are my keys never where I left them?

Question three: Is that you, or does the dog need to go outside?

Question four: How are you feeling?

Question five: How do you spell Constantinople?

Question five: If Peter Piper pick a peck of pickled peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

Question six: Has anybody heard from Alan Tichmarsh recently… or at least since all this business about Jimmy Savile got serious?

Question seven: Do you like butter?

Question eight: How many questions is this now?

Question nine: Name this song… doo de doo de dooooooo. Do de dum de deeedoooooo….

Question ten: Why are there two question fives?

Don’t forget to write your answers on the back of your hand and send to the usual address.

The winner will receive a load of Christmas cards* ready for next years festivities.

*cards may be slightly used and have some names scribbled out.


  1. 1. I think I just ate a bug.
    2. Because you left them somewhere else.
    3. Apologies but kidney beans go right through me.
    4. With my fingers.
    5. Do you know that there a two fives?
    5. Obviously he ate them...taking crack gives you the munchies.
    6. There goes my childhood again.
    7. Yes but I still can't believe that 'I can't believe it's not butter' is not butter.
    8. I don't know but all this scrolling up and down, is giving me vertigo.
    9. Strangers in the night.
    10. Ah, it would appear that you do know that there are two fives.

    That was fun!

    1. Well done Lily, although minus four points for phoning a friend. that's cheating!

  2. Sorry Mr H I miss a post (not a wooden one sticking out the ground although I did miss that too). I think i have been under pressure with time and the like and things sort of got missed.

    Q1 I dun no I think I missed something which can only mean the ad is not working.

    Q2 I got a bleeping keyring for Christmas O you cant loose that it bleeps all the damn time. I have tried burying it in the garden put it appeared back next to me later bleeping

    Q3 Ah yes Christmas dinner reached the curry stage

    Q4 Busy Mr H but things are slowly getting sorted.

    Q5 In a jar at the back of the cupboard with a made in 1978 label on it

    Q6 Yes he follows Steam Powered Dog on twitter . . . . Hay the man must be cool.

    Q7 Yes indeed maybe a bit too much the new year diet is about to start

    Q8 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I will ask Miss Lily she knows stuff.

    Q9 Wild Thing

    Q10 I didn't do the spelling one because i cant spell Constantinople

    Q11 yes but it made me blind . . . . . No hang on thats the other survey.

    Sorry for the late arrival of my answers Mr H it was due to the wrong sort of leaves on the line near Paddington. . . I told the bear to leave (leaves, leave HAH HAHAH HHAHA HAHH HAH HAHH AHH AH HHAHAH haah hh) then but he said there might be marmalade under some of them. that bear is obsessed, I know tha because I can spin his head round and round really fast . . AH it fell off DAMN.

    1. Sorry for all the spelling errors Just sort of making the point with Q5a I think DAMN


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