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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Secret Is Finally Revealed (part 2)

Previously on Thoughtless Gibberish...

"Can I marry your daughter?"


..An now the conclusion to ASIFR.

Last time we learned that somehow me and Mrs H had fallen into the trap of agreeing to marry each other and I wanted to get the permission of her dad, Richard/Dick (real name Brain) and he had said the following…


Now we shall learn the outcome of that shocking revelation and what happened next!

Me: “NO?”

Brian: “Do I have to pay for the bloody thing?”

ME: “Nonono, we’re sorting all that out…”

Brian: “Do I have to wear a suit?”

Mrs H: “Yes dad, you HAVE TO WEAR a suit. You cannot come to me wedding in you traksuit pants and walking boots.”

Joan (mother of Mrs H): “Do I have to wear a frock?”

Mrs H: “Yes mother – you have to wear a frock?”

Joan: “Do I have to wear a hat?”

Mrs H: Christ almighty!! NO, if you don’t want to wear a hat, you don’t HAVE to wear a hat!”

Joan: “Hmm… I do have those Mickey Mouse ears somewhere. I could wear those…”


At this point I notice Gary, Mrs H’s brother smiling. “Well I’m really pleased for you both. I can’t wait”

ME: “Thanks Gary.”

So it appears that one out of three of Mrs H’s family are happy for us to get wed.

Conversely and for the interest of fairness I should point out that the reaction from my family was along the lines “Bloody hell, it’s taken you long enough”

Families are great.

In conclusion Me and the soon to be Mrs Mrs H will be legally tied together later on this year.

It is at this point I would like to point out if anyone is looking for work you might want to seek out something in the lines of a registrar. They get paid a bloody fortune (well It’s cost me a bomb so far) and seem to work very little hours in an office at the back of the library drinking tea all day. 

*Sorry for the delay and keep you all in suspense but I have been very busy trying to break my back digging up all this snow and ice. Easter is only a few days away and The campsite is nowhere near ready. We have had to cancel a lot of arrivals and if this weather keeps up there will be no money coming in and We will be having Dog for tea!


  1. Congratulations! This is a marvellous event, and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. You are really, really lucky to be eating dog right about now.

    1. Thankyou. I have some left over chilli and will have Doggie tex mex. hmmmmm.

  2. O DAMN I just lost my entire tale about the Ghost Writers wedding due to a cats hair in my optical mouse (*********** technology)

    Right sorry about that, Mr H I will start again.

    First of all I wish to say well done congratulations to both yourself and Mrs H this is brill news. And it brings us back to the wedding of the Ghost Writer and Mrs Ghost Writer (again); when he got married many many many moons ago his dad spent the morning desperately trying to polish the Ghost Writers shoes with furniture polish, the Ghost Writer did not own shoe polish.

    Then previously to this when the Ghost Writer tried on his faithful old suit from the early seventies in front of his wife (to be) and kids they fell about in hysterics resulting in a new suit and the final demise of an old friend (the old suit).

    On the big day the registrar told the Ghost Writer he had spelt his name wrong, then after the reception the guests ate all the chocolate gateau and the Ghost Writer got none, and there were three huge chocolate gateau's. He has always been told by the brother of Mrs Ghost Writer they were really lovely Gateau's as he tried a bit from all three......

    But is was a great day (so the Ghost Writer tells me) and his shoes were never as shiny ever again, and he never shares his chocolate gateau with anyone any more just in case.

    Once again I wish you huge congratulations and it is a very proud day for us MADs we look forward to pictures.

    Good luck with Easter by the way there is rumour of some more snow on Friday maybe a snowman contest might be called for on site or hunt the egg in the snow drift.

    1. I fully expect this to happen to me. I often find the theme from Some mother's do have 'em playing in my head when important are about to occur! *gulp*
      There's a few months to go yet - so anything can happen.

  3. Yaaay! I did say that I would be back with a hearty congratulations, so here it is..."A HEARTY CONGRATULATION!"

    I'm so happy for you Mr H. Wishing you both all *starts crying again* the happiness *reaches for tissues as tears mingle with snot* in the world! *finally realises why she's still single* :D

    1. Stop crying woman. It's me that's paying for it.... hahah. but thankyou. Mrs H is happier than ever because she can spend money I don't have like its going out of fashion. I'm sure more news and boring updates will follow as the months get nearer. PS- does anyone want to buy a kidney?


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