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Monday, 1 April 2013

A-Z challenge - Ant Bum Hole and Zombies

this post was originally going to be the funniest thing in the world ever - honest. But due to events outside of my control I am forced to write a heavy handed rant about something else.
This post was written in haste and in anger.

If you are easily offended by things and stuff and the occasional use of grown up language - leave now.

This was supposed to be a nice and warm welcome to the A to Z challenge.  I had a really good post pre-written and ready to rock.

But that is not going to happen and it’s all thanks to Facebook and it’s idea to have suggested posts.

I understand the principal to make money. Facebook is a company and has shareholders and the like and I have nothing against capitalism.

But when some little bugger from god knows where, who I have never heard off starts filling up my timeline with spoilers – SPOILERS!!!! – for things I like…. Well, that’s when it gets serious.

I am a geek. This is common knowledge. I like zombies, I collect zombie books and watch zombie films 
(one was even in French and had subtitles which means I’m probably well clever or something) and have read the odd zombie book. I have even met the Charlie Adlard, the artist for the Walking Dead comic.

What I don’t want to see is how the next episode of the walking ends without knowing I am about to see it.

This is exactly what happened last night.

There I was happily scrolling along Facebook seeing what my friends have been up to over the weekend (drinking mainly, bunch of dirty drunks) when without so much as a word of warning a huge picture comes into view with massive writing that says ***** **** ******! I couldn’t believe it. The next episode of the walking is due this week and they have gone and told the whole world that ******* ** **** ***** with *****8 and *****************.

You may notice that I have purposefully blanked out words and added a few extra ***’s for good measure because I don’t to spoil it for you just in case you do want enjoy a perfectly good show.

I, however, did not have that luxury.

I was visually raped by some little turd who has spent money to promote their website and has done it by spoiling one of the few show I actually like.

This is something that can not be undo.

The so-called “people for the unethical treatment of zombies (putz)” (<-yes really!!) have made an enemy of me today.

A joke is a joke and that’s all well and good. But to spoil something for no good reason and without the option to opt out of looking is beyond the pail.

Today I declare that I will hunt down the little shit responsible and kick his ass from here to there and back again.

God I am so angry is makes my head hurt.

Here is no reason to spoil other enjoyment of things unless you have a brain the size of ant’s bum hole.
And what’s more, I now have to re-write the letter B in the month long blogging thing because I have had to 
change the letter A.

So yea. Welcome new readers. I am a grumpy angry man who like comics zombies and talking a load of old toot.

If I don’t see you again I will understand.

If you come back for more – there is something wrong with you.
Well worth a watch if you don't mind reading words...

EDIT: I have just realised, this is probably the first a to z blog that will mention the word Zombie. Therefore I win! - Don't argue I'm not in the mood.


  1. Oh, an angry Bumferry Hogart, equals a very funny Bumferry Hogart.
    So sorry to laugh at your pain Mr H. I too would have been extremely annoyed. But seeing as you already know some of what's going on in The Walking Dead, permit me to tell you what happens at the end of the series...just kidding!!!!

    Welcome to the A-Z Challenge! :)

    1. Yo Miss Lily . . . . . just off to read you now.

    2. Cheers Lily. Sometimes I wish I had a cat so I could kick it. Although knowing my luck I would probably miss and break my toe and that would serve me right!

  2. Hello Mr H; FB is like that, it is not what is was since that Mr Z sold loads of shares to people who I believe were described as Zombies because FB shares are like the kiss of death. So in order for the share holders to get their own back they are taking revenge on the poor unsuspecting public or in fact mainly you.

    I will say WOW Mr H you have arrived at Z already how cool is that. Have you noticed it is us MAD's here doing our bit. Good luck attracting some new readers but to tell the truth, a lot (to put it bluntly) are up their own blog......

    See you at B an B Good AHH AHH AH HAH HAH HAHHA H HAH AHH AH hh ahah hahah ha hahahah

    1. I have lost fiath in FB. If it wasn't for the fact that I am hooked on Pawn Stars the game, I would leave without hesitation. However, I am about to make a million dollars by selling a old book and.... oh jeez, I am sooo sad. hahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Ugh, people who spoil without warning are cretins!

    1. yes they are Kellie. A pox on their houses!

  4. I'm so very sorry you got off to a bad start with A-Z. I hope B goes much better! It's always nice to meet a fellow zombie lover. My friends are not zombie lovers and they think I'm strange. I am strange, I readily admit it. Welcome to the A-Z challenge!

    1. Zombies are cool and much better than vampires which it has been scientifically confirmed are rubbish.

  5. What if it wasn't a spoiler, but rather an April Fools Day joke?

    Rhonda @Laugh-Quotes.com
    AtoZ #42

  6. I hate spoilers too, hope the next letter sees you in better form. Love the post below this one about the wedding. Cudos.


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