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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Too Tired To Type...

Hello people of the world.

I realise I have been suspiciously quiet these past few days and there is a very good reason for that.

The thing is... I have been acting quiet suspicious - VERY suspicious if you will.

So suspicious and secretive in fact that I am not allowed to talk about it.

Well, not yet anyway.

It is a strange world I live in. As soon as all the staff have returned to the site to get some bloomin' work done - all the campers leave. Yet somehow, I've got busier.

Very strange*.

But alas, As I am under the strictest of strict instructions not to mention the thing that I am not allowed to mention all I can say is that as I write this I am sat in my brand new comfy chair.

It is the best chair in the world because it is a reclining chair (more like the ones you see advertised for old duffers and less like the ones you remember from Friends.) and it is all mine. Nobody else is allowed to sit in it - Just me!

So as I am recovering from being far too busy running around, dealing with idiots (mrs Utterbitch) and loonies (Tony OneShoulder) and the general population at large, I am going to sip a nice cold beer and watch the kickingball game on the goggle box.

I am now sat with my feet up and plan on doing nothing.
See you on the other side.

I have just calculated that in the past three weeks I have worked over 304 hours. That's three weeks without a single day off mind. No wonder I'm pooped.


  1. What?? Damn Mr H, you're just like my ex. whetting my appetite and then not delivering.
    What's happening? I need to know??

    304 hours! Pah! I was in labour with Spawn for 550 hours and had nothing but a paracetamol to take the edge off. I lie of course.

    1. Hello Miss Lily . . . . .we are not allowed to know, its tough but that's blogging for you....

  2. Hello Mr H I was perplexed by your post here for one very good reason, a reason you yourself mention in the post above. It is the chair, you sort of in passing say it is a reclining chair, now call me a fool (YOUR A FOOL)but how come you can type stuff in a reclining chair that is well skilled. I use a desk and an office chair and even then most of what I write looks like Chinese until I go back and sort it all out and even then I miss things.

    And good luck with the thing that you under the strictest of strict instructions not to mention the thing that you are not allowed to mention. I look forward to never knowing what I should never know.

    304 hours is a lot, and I can tell that is not a made up number 304 hours is not that sort of made up amount of time. enjoy a rest if you get the chance.

  3. 304 hours? You should star in the sequel to 127 hours. It would be just you and Mrs Utterbitch trapped in a chasm for the titular length of time.

    Mrs Utterbitch: There's a draft in here.

    Bumferry: Well we are in a chasm.

    Mrs Utterbitch: What are you going to do about it?

    Bumferry: Not a lot since I'm trapped under a pile of rubble and I can't control the elements.

    Mrs Utterbitch: NOT GOOD ENOUGH!


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