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Tuesday, 30 April 2013


The is the end of the A to Z challenge. As we speak 1,000’s of blogs posts are being written tweaked and perfected.

Not this one.

It is full of errors, mistakes, things that are plainly wrong and probably doesn’t make a lot of sense anyway.

I tend to write without thinking (I know, it shows!) about what it is I want to write about.

This month has been touch and go. Some of it was good and I enjoyed writing it, some of it was bloody awful and made feel dirty and wrong inside.

Either way, what is done is done and that is the end of it.
But to conclude the month of April I feel I should fill in a couple of gaps.

A)     I have a new bin. The council delivered a new one after about a week or so.
B)      I have not heard from DAVE and feel no worse for this.
C)      I did not win £1,000,000 but did loose 2p.
D)     I am still in bother for burning the bed…
E)      Walkers crisps have STILL not replied to me about chipsticks!(red flavour)
F)      The future has not been written (ref: bins)
G)     I have won TWO awards!

With that in mind I would like to end this post by thanking http://laughingatlife232.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/liebster-blog-award.html

I am not one to answer questions, but may get around to it at some point. But thankyou for the Liebster - My Second in one month and a jolly nice way to end the A to Z.

But before then I would like to congratulate everyone who has taken part in the A toZ 2013. This has been my first year and it has been mega hard.

Give yourselves a pat on the back and have a larger shandy on me (just a half though, it is a school night)

Well done and good night.

Normal grumpy service will resume in….


  1. Mr H I wondered what happened to you weirdly it says you posted your Z post 14hrs ago, but you have popped up in the last hour. Has the internet slowed to royal mail speed very odd.

    I am glad I have got here first, OK I think I have if someone does not type faster that me (which is everyone else in the world) because it gives me the opportunity to say....

    Where is my half a million HAH HAH HA hah hah ah hah ah ha ha hah hahah (only kidding I would only spend it).

    No I wish to say well done Mr H, your A to Z was great I enjoyed all of it a great deal and will continue to come and type stuff on your blog. I am looking forward to the rather more chilled no pressure posts that all us RATs do. Oooo and a picture of your new shiny bin.

    And well done on the awards as well although I am hoping to hold out for a cool half a million pounds myself. While I think on I met a friend today, a strange mad eccentric gardener who was telling me he won four hundred pounds on the horses. I told him your story and he was very amused, but that was probably because he had £400 and you had £00000000.

    Take care see you after you have had a chill I suspect for a few days, enjoy the sun(I am hoping for more sun).

    1. Hey Rob. Don't know what happened with this post. It was sat in a DRAFT for some reason and didn't get posted. It's been a bit too much really for the old laptop. It's not used to me bashing the keys so much this past month.
      You share of the million punds I didn't win has been reinvested to nice sound chap who was a prince in a far away land. He said that if I sent it to him along with my bank details and a copy of my passport he would be able to escape his war torn country and then send me TEN TIMES my investment.
      How lucky is that!?!?!
      I know you wouldn't mind helping out someone who needs our help.
      Anyway, I'm to bed now because its very late and I'm running the site on my own tomorrow.
      bloddy staff having days off!!!
      I will be reading everybody's AtoZings again in one big effort so expect a lot of comments to come flooding folks.

  2. Ah, there you are, Mr Bumferry Hogart. I can't say much because my sleeping meds have just kicked in, except congrats for finally reaching the end of this challenge and for your two awards. Gotta go, I'm about to fall asl...

    1. This always just to happen to me dates....

  3. Replies
    1. I would like to thank Beyonce and Jeebus and Zippy off rainbow and My agent and all those lovely death treat letters that I got and Mrs H for not letting me use the TV remote control meaning I have nothing else to do but smash the keyboard to bits and copy and paste whatever ends up on the page.
      *skips off looking for some punctuation marks and commas. hahahahahaha*

  4. Well done on the Z, Red.


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