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Monday, 29 April 2013

Your £1,000,000 bet has been placed.

This A to Z malarkey is quickly coming to an end.

Thoughtless Gibberish is set to continue.

So that’s your good news and bad news.

With only two episodes left, its time to start wraping things up.

Back in the letter of W (winnings) I asked you all to help me pick some horses.

Out of the many entries.. alright one… I was left with no option but to choose Weather as my guide to picking horses for Saturdays races.

I wont bore you all with which horses I picked but I will show you the betting slip before giving the results.

Here it is:

Check that out. A potential ONE MILLION ENGLISH POUNDS.

Assuming this accumulator comes in I will be sharing my winnings with Rob Z Tobor and Rob Z Tobor alone, as nobody else bothered to make a suggestion.

The result (as you can probably guess) is as follows.

Winnings = 0.00

13 horses bet on, one none runner, four wins and the rest are now being ground down into next weeks lasagne's.

I don’t blame Rob of course, it’s not his fault. He gave it a shot. The rest of you though – shame on you!

If you had picked one of the other options I would not have been forced to loose a whole 2p on the races.

Oh well never mind.

There’s always the lottery.


  1. Consider it a life lesson. Everyone knows you should always head straight for the roulette table. Fourth from the door, all on black.

    1. If life has taught me anything its.... um... wait I know this.....

  2. Sorry Mr H I gave you my best thoughts and they appear to have let you down, much like the horses. But on the bright side I note there were four wins, a third if you remove the none runner, that is potentially 330,000 pounds. And if you ask me it was a fix by the betting industry to ensure that you did not break the bank. There have been some funny goings on in the horse racing business of late and if they let folk like us walk away with one million pounds they would be seen as a laughing stock in the gambling world.

    And lets face it we would only blow all the money on fast cars, holidays in luxury hotels in the sun, and lazing by a pool in a tax haven, and who wants to live like that. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. AH DAMN.

    1. I'm always amazed at how those lottery winners start moaning about how it's made their lives a misery and nobody talks to them anymore. Bunch of Wallies. Money makes you happy! It's people that make you sad.
      People are idiots - It all starts to fit together.

  3. See, I stand correct in my decision not to take part this time. Though if you had won, I'd be crying like a baby right now and planning the eventual demise of one Mr R. Tobor...sorry Rob Z, nothing personal. :)

    1. Just as well Mr H did not win, I would have certainly had to go somewhere hot and sunny to escape, luckily I can now stay in the rain in safety PHEW . . . . DAMN

    2. But Lily, IF you had made a different option I would have HAD to chose different horses and increased my/our chances of winning.

      Any winnings would be shared and there is no money to pay. This is free money we're talking about here.

      Pfft! Can't even give dreams away now.

      No wonder I'm bloody grumpy.

  4. Hello Mr H I thought I will come and read Z but . . . . . . Have you run off with my half of the one million pounds . . . . . . . . DAMN

  5. Ha ha and so sorry. The A-Z malarky is almost over. Yay.


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