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Saturday, 27 April 2013


Xenia (yes I had to look it up) is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home.

That is pretty much my job.

People come to me for their holiday and, believe it or not, I offer them a warm and friendly welcome when they are far from home.

I have a cheery smile (sometimes known as a sneer) and a cheery demeanour that puts folks at ease and lets them know that (once they have paid their camping fees) they are welcome to use our facilities and join in all the fun things we do on site.

Just before Christmas we built a new social room which has a dart board and comfy chairs and a TV and everything. At some point I’m going to but a pool table and keep an ear out for the KERCHING of pound coins filling up the coin slot!

Every Thursday we have a coffee morning and at night a couple of rounds of Bingo! Campers love bingo. It’s like catnip.

Saturdays is quiz night. I have to finish off the music round tonight and might share a few of the questions with you lot after all this A to Z business is over.

We might be having a few folk music people coming down as well and if it works out well, it could become a regular thing!

It is important when in the camping business to keep yourself above the competition. There are a lot of campsites around our area, but to the best of my knowledge We are the only one who has Won LOO OF THE YEAR (2010).

With all this in mind I have to go now and make up a music round. I’m hoping to cut up a few songs that stop just as the chorus comes on to see it anyone carries on singing and gives the answer away!


Xenia – The new favourite word of a grumpy made up man.

Wow- I’m so deep!



  1. I have to say Mr H you leave no stone unturned in order to please the punters, although I do wonder what you will do once you have thrown all the stones at them and they still turn up saying DO YOU REMEMBER ME.

    Just think you can now have a large sign at the entrance saying . . . . . RATs are here to help make your stay memorable.

    You are the King of Rock and Xenia (sorry I mean Rocks or was it Rooks).

  2. For a moment there Mr H, I though you were going to do a post about Xenia Warrior Princess, then realised that her actual name was Xena and not Xenia...so that whole sentence that I just wrote, really wasn't worth writing in the first place.

    A lot goes into making sure that campers have a great holiday, so kudos to you for making that happen.

    Buggering off now. :)

  3. great post, your campers must love you, and don't sniff at getting the best loo award, you should seriously see some that I've spent time in...grosse...anyway...two more.

  4. We have an award for you to pick up over at Laughing at Life, 2. Click this link http://laughingatlife232.blogspot.com/2013/04/liebster-blog-award.html#more


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