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Friday, 26 April 2013


Long time readers will know I like a little flutter on the horses.

New readers should know that the word little IS little.

I don’t like to bet more than 10p at a time (I am a cheap tight fisted bugger!). Having small limits when betting keeps it fun and stops gambling from having the potential to ruin ones life.

Unfortunately, even though I am careful with my spending (£30 in three years) I am bloody rubbish.

A while ago I let commenter's on this here blog name a category for what I should bet on over the weekend.

I lost.

Well…. They lost me money but I’m not bitter.

In fact, I’m willing to give it another go.

Here are the rules.

In the comments box place your entry based on one of the following categories. I will place bets on any and all horses that fit the most chosen option.

The categories are:

Women (horses with girls names etc)

Weather (…anything weather related)

Walking (…any names related to moving about)

Wallop (any horses name that has a noise in its name)

So there you go. Give it a bash and I will report back after the weekend with the results.

It can’t be any worse than last time.



  1. Hello Mr H I assume I don't need to go and look up who is running in the 3.30 at Chepstow or anything like that . . . . . So I have decided that as boys names was a dead loss last time and as we all know women cant run as fast as us chaps, I will think weather related. Yes weather can move faster an any of the other options

    So my start point would be, Hurricane Farty to win closely followed by Sunny Day and Light Drizzle.

    Good luck and fingers crossed Mr H (those are not horses by the way)....

    1. Cheers Rob. I Don't I can run as fast as most Women. They always used to run away from me when I would stick my tongue out and ask them for a smootch. Could have been all those picked onions I kept eating.....

    2. where are all these A to Z folk. I have not seen many of them this year

    3. Rob Z, it's been a bit of a lackluster year for visitors I have to say. And they've become slightly more non-existent as the challenge draws to an end. It's all been a bit strange this time around. :)

    4. Everyones probably running for cover as the day draws near for Spwans eventual rise to power! :)

    5. Just put my bet on. It all the horses win I'll split the potential £625 MILLION winnings with you Rob!
      Can't say fairer than that.

      Full list of horses and odds and results on a future post! KEEP 'EM CROSSED.

  2. I tried betting on horses once. It was fun. I think I even won once, although I didn't bet much or win much. I'm not usually one to bet though, unless it's something I'm certain of.

    Have fun with the rest of a-z.

    1. Thanks Jessica. I always tell myself it's not about winning it's about .... well I don't know really, but I with my luck it's defiantly not about winning

  3. Sod it! I'm not going through that again. :)


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