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Thursday, 25 April 2013


I nipped out yesterday to buy Mrs H something for her birthday (which was today). Don’t get me wrong, she already had stuff ready for opening but I wanted to get her something else.

What with her being a comic book geek like me it seemed the best place to go would the comic shop itself.

And so that is where I went.

The lovely people at the shop had already been intouch and told there was a load of old Viz comics they had got hold of and if I wanted them I could have.

I have not read the Viz for a few years but a quick flick through the pages of these old editions made me grin like the idiot I am.

For those who are not familiar with Viz I can best describe it as a high brow eclectic pop culture graphic display of .... that doesn't make sense.... It's full of jokes about and male genitalia and womens wobbly bits, Farting and lots of swearing. Its cheap, nasty, beyond childish and bloody funnier than anything else on the top shelf of your local news agents.
Pure bloody filth.

Anyhow, That was very nice of the comic shop, as I said before – they are lovely people.

So I bought Mrs H an X-Men hoodie and some toys.. I mean collectable figures and she was very happy. I too was happy as I checked a couple of websites and found out that the copies of Viz that I have can sell for around £6 each.

45 issues at £6 each COULD make me around £270 if I find someone who wants them that is.

Anyway that is the letter V over and done with. Tomorrow is W and I hope I can think of something to write about. It's getting harder to disguise the fact that I'm writing this just before I go to bed as a last minute thought.
I know it feels like I have done loads of re-writes and plotted the whole experience into one weaving epic adventure that will have a fantastic, out of this world conclusion - but it won't.... it really really won't.

Or will it...... (no it won't)


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs H.

    I look forward to a fantastic, out of this world conclusion Mr H . . . . . . . . . . . . . HAH HAHAH HAH AHHAH HAH AH hah ah ha hah ah ahh ahaha haha

  2. The fat slags were always my favourites...but then they moved out and I got some new roommates.
    Have a wonderful Birthday Mrs H. :)


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