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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How's It Hanging?

Word up Bloggers.

How's it hanging?

I am leaning to the left.

Now before you start writing a letter to Points of View or your local MP about the childish innuendo I just pulled off (he's at it again) I would like to point out that I am talking about my POLITICAL LEANINGS.

Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago there was a thing called the Local Elections here in the UK. This is an opportunity for simple folks to make a difference and gives them the opportunity to chose a new kind of idiot to make a mess of things like schools, hospitals, the state of the roads and how many Tesco Express shops will be given planning permission in the high street*

Fact is only 30% of the UK bothered to go outside and tick a box. It appears most of them voted for UKIP.

UKIP are a bunch of people who for whatever reason hate people from other places.

They have, for the most part, been voted in what is known as a "protest vote". This means that people actively choose an idiot instead of the usual greedy, out of touch upper class pillocks that usually grace the electoral pitch.

It kind of back fired and now UKIP have quite a number of voters and seem, for the moment, to be a potential political threat.

I did not vote. I chose not to vote.

But Bumferry, this is a waste of your democratic right to guise us all in the right path toward a social and economic utopia.

to which I would say - "That's MR Hogart to you, peasants!"

but I would continue with something like this:

I choose not to vote because voting for anyone other that who I actually believe has the best interests of my community is a wasted vote, much like voting for UKIP or any of the others for that matter.

I would continue in a rant about how politicians seem to have only their best interests at heart and the betterment of the country comes second, with things like the expenses scandal, bribery, lying to the police, second mortgages and renting out homes to other MP's and both people claiming the money back TWICE etc etc etc - but both you and I would get bored of hearing about that.

But back to the point in hand.

I wanted to know which political party I should vote for, in the event that I one day bother to vote.

a quick Google search led me to a couple of websites that asked (quite odd) questions on my thoughts of varying aspects of modern life.

The results were a surprise to say the least.


According the politicalcompass.org (others are available) I am Liberal Lefty. I am more like Gandhi than Thatcher.

I always thought I was a little bit right wing but it appears that I am not.

.....None of this makes any sense.....

The more I think about I tend to agree. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hippy. I don't like mushrooms and would never were socks and sandals but neither do I have much time for others.

As I have clearly stated in the past (and will continue to do so until the bitter end) people are idiots.

So now I have to rethink my whole outlook on life and start reading the Guardian newspaper and figure what hell Falafel is and buy something ethnic to hang on my wall.

Is there such a thing as an angry liberal? it seems the answer is yes and you are reading his words.


ps- Next week - the long awaited INTERVIEW WITH A CELEBRITY.

*these may or may not appear in conjunction with a certain number of brown envelopes stuff full of used £10 notes.


  1. If it helps Mr H I am a bit of a angry Liberal Lefty. I do try and vote but it is not easy to choose the right person because I never stand, and other that me I really find it very difficult particularly as I get annoyed by all the parties including UKIP. I even had to vote for a flying Yodic or what ever they were called once as the best option.

    Where are the Monster raving Loonies when you need them.

    1. They some sound policies if I remember those MRL's. In fact I heard somewhere that some of their ides have actually become proper policy as well. I will do some research and find out which ones.

  2. How many Tesco Extras does one high street need??

    Those voting booths are a bit like Glorly Holes...or so I've heard. I keep expecting a strange appendage to come through those curtains, no pun intended.
    A protest vote, is still a wasted vote. Look what happened at the general elections when everyone decided to protest.

    And I love Falafel. :)

    1. Glory holes eh? wink wink.... I don't think Tescos will stop until there is one for every man woman and child in the UK.
      Falafel won the Eurovision last weekend didn't he? hahahahaha

  3. I'm a loony lefty with right-wing methods.

  4. I'm a lefty, although I tend to vote for the most central party possible in Labour. I consider them to be the lesser evil of the main parties, and I'd rather have them in power. However, if a Green candidate ran in my area, I'd vote for them.

    1. Are you saying you would vote for a Martian over a human? I'm sure that is racialist on some level.


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