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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bumferry Hogart V's Everyone Else


I am feeling quiet giddy today.

Not the sort of thing you expect to read on Thoughtless Gibberish, but bare with me and all shall be revealed.

The thing is I have been getting a bit fed up with Facebook of late.

It’s full of people typing “sad face” and telling me they are poorly, like I’m still allowed to go around and pretend I’m a doctor and perform door-to-door prostate exams (don’t these idiots read the local newspapers??)

I’m fed up with it.

If it’s not piss poor photographs of what people have half eaten for their tea or a picture of something they stood in, it's some other mindless brain fart shared with the world for other reason that to prove they are still alive and nothing at all going on in their lives.

I don’t care for any of that. The worst of it though is when some chump dares to tempt my wrath by typing “I’m bored.”

The amount of energy used by me to stop myself from running all the way to their house and bashing their skulls against the keyboard until it spells out WHY ARE YOU NOT READING MY BLOG THEN YOU FECKLESS IGNORANT TURD? Could power a small village.

However, Screw Facebook.

I really am bored to the back teeth (which are hurting by the way– and now I know why) over the pointless one way communication of hungry/clumsy/attention seeking/blogger ignoring bum faces.

I’m all about the Google +.

I’ve had an account for a while but never really bothered with it… until recently.

What a surprise I was in store for.

If you have not been on it, let me tell you how awesome it is by showing you this picture.

AAAaargh and other noises!

That really does say it all doesn’t it?

I’m a bloody pirate on a webcam with an ironing board for a parrot.

This was a snap shot of me mucking about with the options on Google hangouts which is a way of doing video chat. But Google provides the fancy dress.

That alone makes it 100000000000000 times better than poo-ey old smelly Facebook.

Plus there are no idiots on their filling up my time lines with pictures of their lunch or ugly children.

The people on there … this may seem hard to believe to loyal facebookers, the people on there have VARIED interests as well.

I have seen at least three people who like four or five different things! CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT??

Anyway. This post is really written for those on Facebook who asked me why I might be leaving them and moving to G+.
They probably won’t make it this far down the page because … y’know… Facebook.

Plus Facebook gives you BAD breath and makes you irrational towards common sense and lord knows I don’t need any encouragement in that area.

Maybe one day in the future I may offer some of you to join me in a hangout, because you can do that over on G+ and we're all friends here right? Right? You ARE my real friends and like me for WHO I AM?????. Not on Facebook. 

If you are on G+ look me up. Or don't - whichever.

I plan on getting myself quite a name on there.

That is until Facebook do something similar and go back to that.

I’m fickle like that.

Right that’s enough from me for now.

I have things that need doing and they won't get done incorrectly without me cocking it up.

Laters potaters.


  1. You are right about Facebook Mr H, although it is not all bad because I am there, and you are right about Google+ because I am there also.

    Very cool looking pirate, as for the ironing board (sorry Parrot)

    "This is a de-creased ironing board, bereft of steam it has gone to meet is maker (under warranty)"

    HAH HAHHAHH HAH HAHAH HAHH HAH HAHAH Hah hah hah ah ha hah ah ha hah haha hah aha hahah hah hahahahah ah hah.

  2. Google+ scares the life out of me. I log on, stare at the pages for a few minutes, think about writing something witty and then log off.
    After reading this though, I may attempt to communicate with the masses...okay, the 4 people, that are in my circle...maybe... :)

    1. $ people in your "circle" eh? hahahahahaha... sorry. my mind is in a very wrong place right now. I apologise. (I don't really) <- I do... <-(I don't)

  3. Although I don't frequent Google+ on account of having too many social networks to keep up with already, there are a couple of Muppets For Justice readers who always share my stuff on there. My blog is more popular than I am. I don't know whether to be pleased or jealous.

    That pirate picture nearly sold it for me though.

    1. It's better in real time becasue by some kind of computer magic the graphics move with your face. It's the flipping future!

  4. lol, loved the pirate image...awesome and it moves too...bon - us!


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