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Sunday, 16 June 2013



The link above is taken from the Telegraph website.

In essence it says that Mr David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK is offering £1,000,000 to the person who can answer the worlds biggest problem.

The only problem with this is, nobody has worked out the question.

It seems that politicians have too much time on their hands.

Luckily, so do I.

In the past I have saved everyone else in the world the trouble of having to solve the big issues of the day by writing this blog.

That is why I suggest that DC gives me the Million so that I can keep myself stocked up with CUSTARD CREAMS, buy myself a new microphone and webcam, go on holiday and then write up a list of everything that is wrong with the world and how to solve all those silly problems like war and famine and mobile signals and alien invasions and what to do with odd socks.

The rest of the money can be spent of advertising and employing somebody to peel my grapes and give me foot rub.

£1,000,000 is not a lot to ask for, especially when it's already being offered up as a prize.

Why waste it on solving one problem when I can solve ALL the problems of the world and do it on a weekly basis with poorly made videos and/or the occasional socially unacceptable song thrown in for free?

It really is a no brainer.

So Mr Cameron, This post has been tweeted to your own twitter account and posted here for all the world to see.

I await your response and a cheque at your next convenience.


  1. Sorry Mr H but I have been talking in my own little way about the world and its problems for ages, you cant run off with the money and tell him the answer is 42 and what he needs to do is build a big computer.

    OK the Custard Creams is a good start (although I suspect some might not agree).

    What the world needs is a man of wisdom that folk can go to in times of need, not small problems like will I have the red or the white with the main course but the huge problems the ones the leaders of counties get bogged down with because of all the bureaucracy; and there really is only one person I can thing of capable of doing this job . . . . . . Me.

    Oooo I will be looking for assistants and Custard Creams will be available in the canteen.

    1. sorry Countries not Counties I have spent too much time in the sticks (I think this error might have blown my chance) DAMN.

    2. I'm not going to allow money to ruin our friendship (this isn't biscuits we're talking about here) How about we split the money 50/50. They do say that two heads are better than none, and i know for a fact that we have at least one head each between us which would fulfil any requirements required of us to comply with coming up with answers to questions that don't yet exist.


    3. Job done Mr H and I think this shows just how effective we could be at resolving the bigger issues, many folk would fight over the £1,000,000 for ages, but wisdom wins here and we are the better for it. Now all we need is for someone to hand over the money.

  2. The biggest problem, is that Cameron is an incompetent arse. Can I collect my cheque now? :)

    1. Could it really be that simple?

    2. Sorry Lil and Addman, That Cash is mine. The fact that Mr Cameron may or may not be an incompetent arse (I have to be diplomatic because he might read this and agree I should have the money) is exactly how he should act.
      If we had a PM who who what to do and did it well this country wouldn't have any problems to solve. This means we wouldn't have anything to moan about and Have I Got News For You would be a very short show. I like HIGNFY.


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