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Monday, 17 June 2013

Not My Best Day.....

I was going to write about my Gran today because it is her birthday. I rang her up to wish her many happy returns and asked what she was doing today. her reply was this: "Well, I'm on the toilet at the minute..."

Thanks for that mental image gran. you are the best!

however - today has taken a turn for the worst and so you will know that conversation happened.

Firstly, this post is a little more sweary than usual.
I don’t mind a bit of bad language, but try not to let it rule my life (or blog).
I apologise to anyone who may not like the language used in this post but hope that by reading it you will understand why I am so angry.
If you don’t like swear words. Don’t read this post.

One of the best parts of working for yourself (apart from having the keys to the shop and therefore having 24 hour access to the sweets in the shop) is knowing you have done a good job and getting recognised for it.
It does happen from time to time where somebody shows their appreciation for your hard work and dedication to ensuring everyone has a nice holiday, whether it’s for one night passing through or a two week break away from the hustle and bustle of the world with a simple thank you. It really is nice to be nice and doesn’t take much.
It was though, Issac Newton who said everything has an equal and opposite reaction.
This means that for every nice and friendly person who passes through my gates, there is one … what’s the word…. ARSEHOLE.. yes that’s the word, one arsehole who ruins it for everyone else.
The week has only just begun and the king of Arseholes has arrived today.
This particular shithouse has been before.
As he arrived I recognised his face, but couldn’t remember why.
It soon dawned on me that it was because he winds me up like nobody else.
He is so cock sure and arrogant about ..well everything… he refuses to listen to reason. Even when he scrapes his car against a stone wall and burns his clutch out.
I won’t bore you with the details, but it comes down to the fact that I was trying to do HIM a favour and save him the bother of moving his caravan around the place. I was willing to work around HIM. That wasn’t good enough it seems.
He wanted to make an issue of it.
He wanted to let everyone within earshot know that something wasn’t right.
Regardless that it was him at fault and I was more than able to put it right – this was his chance to look like a real man.
And so I snapped.
Proper snapped.
Shouting and a little bit of swearing snapped.
It was wrong of me to lose my temper the way I did, but like Popeye said “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” and I put this pillock well and truly in his place.
I started by being nice – I really did, but very quickly it became apparent that this guy wanted to show his authority because I am about thirty years his junior and that means that he knows best.
Regardless of the fact that I do what I do 365 days a year and know what I’m doing, this chump has always had it in for me and is a know-all.
Not today.
Today the worm turned and showed his teeth.
As my blood began to boil I turned around, looked him straight in the eye and ensure without doubt that he would not be allowed to talk down to me like that again.
I would have thrown him the campsite off but although he is a massive dick, his money is worth having… just.
I feel wrong for having made a scene but there are times when you can’t let bullies win.
That is what he is. A bully. I hate bullies.
More than I hate Dave… and I REALLY HATE DAVE.
This bumhole is now on the black list and I have no doubt he will try and wind me up before the end of the week, but the staff know that any bad move on his part and he is off. He can have his money back and will be told never to return.
There are limits and this is it.
I’m the boss around here. I have a badge and everything.
Bullies must never be allowed to win. They must be told to shut up and behave.
No threats, no second warnings.
If you fuck up – you fuck off.
That’s my new moto. It’s a bit sweary but it’s catchy.

Since writing this post I have had a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit (custard creams don’t cut the mustard in these situations) and now I have written down my rage I feel a lot calmer.
Thanks for reading and I hope you don’t have to deal a nob head like this in your day to day life.

Stay alert - Stay Grumpy.


  1. Hello Mr H. It appears that the secret shopper I sent round to test the waters prior to my visit may have overstepped the mark slightly, sorry about that. Anyway my secret shopper who by the way is called Dave Davies, he is from Wales they name everyone like that, well they did back in the days when he was born. Sorry distracted, he says your wall was on wheels and leapt out at him like a wall on wheels would. Things like that can confuse a elderly chap called Dave and in the confusion his clutch was set on fire by rabbits that were hiding under a nearby caravan.

    He says he was smiling and even offered you a Jammie Dodger, but you seemed to come over all red mist probably all the smoke and flames from the burning clutch I suspect.

    Anyway he has told me that he hopes to recover the slightly bad start to the holiday by playing a blinder when the Bingo starts although he may insist that it is bilingual and none of that politicly incorrect 73 two fat ladies stuff or he will write to his MP.

    Good Luck Mr H . . . Bloody public.

  2. Bloody hell Mr H, if you hate someone more than Dave, then they really are a villain. And I know how much you really HATE Dave!

    Well done to you for standing up to that bully. No one should get away with treating people like that, especially those who are trying to help them...bastards! :)

    1. I've dealt with enough nob heads in my life to know I sohuldn't have given him the satisfaction of relatiating. He wont look me in the face though.. coward.

  3. Some people just think that they can talk down on others, and feel superior by bullying them :/

    Good on you to show him his place.

    1. Cheers. Im much better today, I shouldn't have lost my temper though. You loose any credibility for future confrontations. :)


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